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  • Bluetooth® Smart Modules

    Bluetooth® Smart Modules from TAIYO YUDEN are ideal for applications that require wireless communication with low energy consumption.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 135

  • Wi-Fi Modules

    TAIYO YUDEN Wi-Fi modules feature Marvell Semiconductor chipsets and are ideal for a wide range of applications, including smart phones and peripheral devices.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 522

  • EYSHSNZWZ Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

    TAIYO YUDEN’s EYSHSNZWZ is an extremely small Bluetooth with dimensions of only 3.25 mm × 8.55 mm × 0.9 mm, and incorporates a crystal and an antenna.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 180

  • EYSLCNZWW Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Module

    TAIYO YUDEN's EYSLCNZWW offers a integrated high performance ceramic chip antenna.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 221

  • EYSLSNZWW 2 Mbps Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy Mo

    TAIYO YUDEN’s EYSLSNZWW contains 192 kB of Flash along with 24 kB of RAM, Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit processor and supports Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy 2 Mbps mode.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 199

  • EYSKBNZWB Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy Module

    TAIYO YUDEN’s EYSKBNZWB Bluetooth® 5.0 low-energy (BLE) module is ideal for IoT applications.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 203

  • Ferrite Beads

    TAIYO YUDEN’s BK series and FB series ferrite beads offer a wide range of impedance values in various EIA/JIS package sizes for effective noise suppression.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 191

  • Ceramic Capacitors

    TAIYO YUDEN's ceramic capacitors offer industry high capacitance values in a variety of case sizes and voltage ratings.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 340

  • MCOIL™ Series

    TAIYO YUDEN's MCOIL™ series have a smaller size, higher current capability, and achieve the industry’s best-in-class DC bias characteristics.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 309

  • NR Series Inductors

    NR inductors from TAIYO YUDEN are SMD power inductors characterized by a small and low profile and magnetic shield structure.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 639

  • Multilayer Chip Capacitors

    TAIYO YUDEN MLCCs are high quality, reliable, operate in high temperature environments, and have long life for a variety of applications.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 231

  • High-Efficiency Power Inductors

    TAIYO YUDEN's CKP2520 series of high-efficiency power inductors offer higher current and lower DC resistance.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 167

  • BRL3225 Series

    TAIYO YUDEN's wire wound chip inductors are designed to save space and provide optimal inductance and DC resistance values.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 216

  • Multilayer Diplexers and Dual Low Pass Filters

    TAIYO YUDEN's Multilayer diplexers are compact, have low loss, high attenuation, and stable temperature. Ideal to use in multiband smartphones.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 191

  • BRHL Inductors

    TAIYO YUDEN's BRHL2518 inductors reduce volume and enhance DC-DC converter efficiency.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 241

  • HK Series Inductors

    TAIYO YUDEN's HK series inductors have expanded to include price competitive, AEC-Q200 qualified high-reliability version inductors.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 253

  • LB Series Inductors

    TAIYO YUDEN's LB series inductors have expanded to include price competitive, AEC-Q200 qualified high-reliability version inductors.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 232

  • NS Series Inductors

    TAIYO YUDEN has expanded their line of NS series inductors which have low DC resistance and high current ratings with a magnetic shielding structure.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 286

  • High Capacitance MLCCs

    The world’s first 470µF MLCC from TAIYO YUDEN are effective alternatives to polymer-technology capacitors.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 224

  • 470 μF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

    TAIYO YUDEN's high-value multi-layered capacitor having more than 1200 layers through advancements in various technologies.

    By TAIYO YUDEN 182