वर्थ इलेक्ट्रोनिक


वर्थ इलेक्ट्रोनिक
  • WA-SSTIE Series Spacer Studs

    WA-SSTIE: Spacer studs from Wurth - Steel spacer stub, int./ext. threads M2.5, 3, 4, and metric length starting at 5 mm.

    By Würth Elektronik 99

  • WA-SNSN Series Snap Locks

    WA-SNSN: Snap locks from Wurth - Plastic snap spacer, easy-release, Ø4 & 5 mm panel holes, board space starting at 3.5 mm, and PCB thickness up to 2.0 mm.

    By Würth Elektronik 106

  • WA-SSTII Series Steel Spacer Stud

    WA-SSTII: Steel spacer stud from Wurth - Steel spacer, Int./Int. threads M2.5, 3, 4, and metric length starting at 5 mm.

    By Würth Elektronik 91

  • SMD Spacers

    Wurth Electronics SMD spacers are designed for automatic assembly. The SMD spacers have constant quality during the pick and place and soldering process.

    By Würth Elektronik 139

  • Spacers

    Wurth Electronics offers many different versions and mounting variations of spacers such as snap-in, self-adhesive, screw, and snap rivet mount.

    By Würth Elektronik 84

  • Spacer Studs and Round Spacers

    Wurth Electronics offers a variety of spacer studs which feature different material, wrench sizes, lengths, and internal/external thread.

    By Würth Elektronik 71

  • WA-EXRV: Mounting Button for M3 SMT Steel Spacer

    Wurth Electronics' WA-EXRV series features a screw-less connection, allowing time savings and fast mounting during mass production.

    By Würth Elektronik 97

  • Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer

    Wurth Electronics’ Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer is the sixth addition to their family of Design Guides.

    By Würth Elektronik 207

  • WA-SCAP and WA-SCRW Series

    Wurth Electronics pan head plastic screw and the distance cap spacer are both intermediate in size and used for thermal and electrical insulation.

    By Würth Elektronik 103

  • WE-LT Conductive Shielding Gaskets

    Wurth's WE-LT series are high quality conductive shielding gaskets used in applications such as shielding metal housings and switching cabinets.

    By Würth Elektronik 195

  • WE-WPCC Wireless Power Charging Receiver Coils

    Wurth's wireless power receiver coils feature an adhesive foil on the backside of the coil which allows for easier mounting.

    By Würth Elektronik 84

  • Wireless Power Demo Kit 5 W

    Wurth and TI bring designers a plug and play solution with the benefits of a wireless power transfer but can also be used as a development platform.

    By Würth Elektronik 124

  • WE-FSFS Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheets

    Wurth's WE-FSFS series of eiSos flexible sintered ferrite sheets which are made of three layers and designed for high performance magnetic flux redirection.

    By Würth Elektronik 161

  • WE-SECF SMD EMI Contact Finger

    Wurth Electronics' WE-SECF series is made of copper-beryllium, in contrast to competitor products, which are gold-plated. The copper-beryllium material prevents the parts from corroding and pr

    By Würth Elektronik 127

  • WE-CF EMI Shielding Sheet/EMI Shielding Tape

    The WE-CF is Wurth Electronics' classic copper or aluminum tape for a multitude of applications, such as shielding broadband noise, building prototype board traces or improving return (good) p

    By Würth Elektronik 99

  • WE-TS Shielding Textiles

    Wurth Electronics' nylon-based, nickel-copper textiles are an excellent choice for shielding or grounding where it is necessary to have some flexibility to avoid tears or cracks.

    By Würth Elektronik 119

  • WE-ST Conductive Ni/Cu Glass Fiber Weaves

    Wurth Electronics' WE-ST conductive nylon weaves are used for optimal EMI protection for wires, cables, cabletrees and lines. The WE-ST products are made out of a copper wire with nickel-plati

    By Würth Elektronik 109

  • Gleanergy Demonstration Kit

    Wurth's Gleanergy demo kit demonstrates the ability to utilize one, or multiple, ambient energy sources to power a wireless sensor node.

    By Würth Elektronik 133

  • WE-LS Conductive Foam

    Wurth Electronics' WE-LS conductive foam can be stamped or cut to very precise tolerances to fit custom enclosures, seams, or surfaces.

    By Würth Elektronik 113

  • WE-FAS TC Series Thermal Conductive and EMI Absorb

    Wurth Electronics’ WE-FAS TC series thermal conductive and EMI absorber sheets are 1 mm thick, have a high surface resistance, and are extremely flexible.

    By Würth Elektronik 97