• HVC Series High Voltage Chip Resistors

    Stackpole's HVC series high voltage chip resistors optimized for higher voltage ratings, ideal for medical and industrial applications.

    By Stackpole Electronics, Inc. 222

  • IHLP® Surface-Mount Power Inductors

    Vishay introduces the IHLP family of surface-mount, low-profile, and high-current inductors.

    By Vishay/Dale 457

  • T520B227M006ATE035/E045/E070 Polymer Tantalum Capa

    KEMET's T520B227M006ATE035, E045 and E070 Polymer Tantalum Capacitors deliver 220uF of capacitance in a 6.3V rated B Case. Order now at DigiKey.

    By KEMET 275

  • 5 mm SMT Buzzers

    CUI's 5mm buzzers ideal for mobile equipment applications.

    By CUI Inc 273

  • High-Frequency, High-Q Capacitors

    Murata offers their three series of RoHS-compliant capacitors with C0G characteristics: the GJM, GQM, and ERB series.

    By Murata Electronics 286

  • Thin Film Precision Resistors

    TE Connectivity AMP offers thin film precision resistors featuring various power dissipations according to chip size.

    By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 263

  • EEC-EP, ER and RG Series Capacitors

    Small sized, electric double layer gold capacitors that serve as a possible alternative for batteries in industrial equipment and mobile phones.

    By Panasonic 237

  • AOCJY5 Series

    Abracon’s AOCJY5 series, wide temperature range OCXO is an ideal low-cost, low-noise solution.

    By Abracon Corporation 186

  • LG Low Inductance LGA Capacitors

    AVX's low-inductance LGA capacitors virtually have the equivalent high-frequency performance of 8-terminal IDCs in a 2-terminal package.

    By AVX Corporation 235

  • GL Series Ultra-Broadband Inductor

    AVX's GL series provides performance up through 40+ Ghz and also provides ultra-low insertion loss, excellent return loss, and extreme part-to-part performance.

    By AVX Corporation 190

  • MLO Organic Inductor

    AVX's MLO, low-profile, organic-based inductors feature high Q, high SRF, and can support frequencies well above 1 GHz.

    By AVX Corporation 275

  • High-Capacitance PulseCap™ Capacitors

    AVX's TLN PulseCap series of high-capacitance, low-profile tantalum capacitors feature an undertab termination style.

    By AVX Corporation 171

  • TPS Capacitors

    AVX's TPS series of low-ESR tantalum capacitors has a maximum direct leakage current of 19.8 μA and a maximum dissipation factor at 120 Hz of 12%.

    By AVX Corporation 219

  • PWR220T-20 Series Power Resistor

    Bourns' PWR220T-20 DPAK-style power resistors are rated to 20 W of continuous power and feature TO-220 housing.

    By Bourns Inc. 192

  • CMJ206T / CMR200T 32.768 KHz Crystals

    CMR200T and CMJ206T series crystals can be automatically mounted and can be reflow soldered.

    By Citizen Finedevice Co., Ltd. 180

  • PowerStor HB Series Supercapacitors

    Provides high capacitance combined with low ESR, making it ideal for battery replacement and other long term hold-up applications.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 263

  • PowerStor PHB Series Supercapacitors

    Eaton's high capacitance 5.0V PowerStor supercapacitor packs expand the portfolio of power management products.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 222

  • CCHD-950 Series Oscillators

    Crystek pushes the phase noise performance benchmark with -168 dBc/Hz with CCHD-950 HCMOS clock oscillator development.

    By Crystek Corporation 167

  • C4 Series Rotary Switches

    The C4 series is ideal for applications that require a low profile compact switch to allow for more decks with a short depth behind the panel.

    By Electroswitch 269

  • Through-Hole 32.768KHz Tuning Fork Crystals

    ECS Inc.'s tuning fork type crystals are used as a clock source in communication equipment, measuring instruments, microprocessors, and other applications.

    By ECS Inc 537