JAE इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स


JAE इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स
  • ST1 Series microSD Card Connectors

    JAE's ST1 series are one-piece-type external connectors for TransFlash™/ (microSD™) cards standardized by SanDisk Corporation.

    By JAE Electronics 238

  • DD Series Connectors

    JAE's DD series of connectors are double or single-line rectangular connectors with 0.5 mm pitch stroke conforming to USB2.0 Standard.

    By JAE Electronics 268

  • JN1/JN2 Series of Small Circular Connectors

    Waterproof Circular Connectors with one Touch Lock Mechanisms. The all-plastic type JN1, and the partially metal-reinforced robust type JN2.

    By JAE Electronics 225

  • SMB Series Connectors

    SMB series coaxial connectors are small size, push-on coupling type connectors based on general purpose standards.

    By JAE Electronics 283

  • JF08 Series FFC Harness

    JF08 series connector harness provides high-speed serial transmission over LVDS, PCI-Express, etc.

    By JAE Electronics 272

  • WP7 Series Board-To-Board (FPC) Connector

    JAE's WP7 series is a board-to-board (FPC) connector that is ideal for high-density mounting in slim information communication devices.

    By JAE Electronics 260

  • WP3 Series Board-to-Board Connectors

    Low-profile board-to-board (FPC) connector with 0.4 mm pitch. Ni barrier prevents solder wicking.

    By JAE Electronics 241

  • HD Series Connectors

    The HD series of connectors for notebook PC LCD interface applications. Compatible with LVDS transmission and LED backlight.

    By JAE Electronics 495

  • SF50 Series Micro SIM Card Connector

    Offering a simple structure, 1.2 mm height, balanced 6 hold down points for EMI countermeasure.

    By JAE Electronics 162

  • FB10 Series Connectors

    The FB10 series is a 0.3 mm pitch, low profile, bottom-surface connection-type FPC connector ideal for portable devices such as mobile phones.

    By JAE Electronics 248

  • MM60 Wireless HD Connector

    JAE has enhanced its MM60 series by developing a 76-contact DMC (Display Mini Card) standard compatible connector.

    By JAE Electronics 182

  • M.2 (NGFF) Connector SM3 Series

    The SM3 Series provides standard interface for solid state drives (SSD) and various wireless cards supporting Wi-Fi®, NFC, Bluetooth®, GNSS, and WWAN.

    By JAE Electronics 153

  • DX4 Series Connectors

    DX4 series is a set of connectors compatible with the Micro-USB type USM 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc.

    By JAE Electronics 217

  • FA10 Series FPC Connector

    The FA10 series is a 0.5 mm pitch, top- and bottom-surface-connection type, one-action LIF* insertion FPC connector ideal for saving space in mobile devices.

    By JAE Electronics 168

  • FR02 Series Connectors

    The FR02 series from JAE is a top- and bottom-surface connection-type FPC connector, ideally-suited for saving space in mobile devices.

    By JAE Electronics 192

  • SF56 Series Connectors

    microSIM card connector for use in smartphones and tablets from JAE.

    By JAE Electronics 174

  • LED Lighting Internal Connectors

    JAE's ES series (ES3, ES5, ES9, and ES10) connectors offer versatility in LED lighting designs.

    By JAE Electronics 973

  • DW Series Connectors

    JAE's DW series connectors are high-current connectors used to store electricity temporarily.

    By JAE Electronics 199

  • DX4 Waterproof USB Connector

    JAE Electronics' DX4 series features compatibility with the universal serial bus micro-USB cables and connectors specification.

    By JAE Electronics 223

  • WP6C Series Stacking Connectors

    JAE's WP6C series is a low-profile stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connector with 0.4 mm pitch spacing that is ideal for high-density mounting in slim information communication devices.

    By JAE Electronics 230