नोल्स भोल्ट्रोनिक्स


नोल्स भोल्ट्रोनिक्स
  • J Series Half-Turn Trimmer Capacitors

    Knowles Voltronics JR and JZ series, ceramic half-turn trimmer capacitors are pick-and-place compatible and feature a dust-proof and solvent-resistant design.

    By Knowles Voltronics 95

  • Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors

    Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors

    By Knowles Voltronics 86

  • NT Series PTFE Trimmers

    Knowles Voltronics NT series of PTFE trimmers are designed for applications requiring greater capacitance and voltage ratings than the popular smaller trimmers.

    By Knowles Voltronics 101