मोटर नियन्त्रण


मोटर नियन्त्रण
  • DRV8xx Europa Motor Drivers

    TI expands its DRV8xx motor driver family with new devices supporting up to 5 A for higher-current bipolar stepper and brushed DC motors.

    By Texas Instruments 200

  • IRS2334x Motor Control ICs

    IRS2334x family provides comprehensive protection including proprietary negative voltage spike immunity for safe operation under extreme switching conditions

    By International Rectifier 176

  • DRV8312-C2-KIT Motor Control Evaluation Kit

    A cost efficient motor control evaluation kit for spinning three-phase BLDCs and BLACs, DRV8312-C2-kit is high performance and efficiency.

    By Texas Instruments 137

  • DRV8805 Motor Driver

    TI's DRV8805 offers an integrated, 4-channel protected low-side driver solution for gaming machine and general unipolar stepper motor driver applications.

    By Texas Instruments 347

  • DRV8818 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

    Texas Instruments' DRV8818 bipolar stepper motor drivers control a stepper motor with two H-bridge drivers and a microstepping indexer logic.

    By Texas Instruments 154

  • DRV8412-C2-KIT Evaluation Kit

    TI’s DRV8412 evaluation kit is a robust and highly integrated motor control and driver solution that helps quicken development time.

    By Texas Instruments 162

  • Stellaris® DK-LM4F-DRV8312 Motor Control Kit

    Motor control kit is a low cost, high performance, and digital, medium voltage development platform for spinning 3-phase DC BLDC motors.

    By Texas Instruments 146

  • LV873x, LV874x, and LV877x Series Stepper Motor Dr

    These 2 channel PWM constant current control stepper motor drivers support controlling forward, reverse, brake and standby operations of motors.

    By ON Semiconductor 216

  • Motor Drivers for Camera Applications

    ON Semiconductor offers a selection of miniature-sized motor drivers optimally suited for applications in Digital Still Camera and PoE Security Camera designs.

    By ON Semiconductor 201

  • 3-Phase Motor Driver IC

    These ICs enable low power consumption and low vibration and are suitable for use in products that require high reliability and a long life.

    By ON Semiconductor 410

  • Stepper Motor Drivers

    This portfolio includes a wide selection of ICs operating at supply voltages less than 20V. Many have the ability to draw zero current in standby mode.

    By ON Semiconductor 239

  • Hybrid Motor Driver ICs

    ON Semiconductor features the STK672 and STK681 series hybrid motor driver ICs with current sensing resistors built in.

    By ON Semiconductor 272

  • Brushless Motor Pre-Driver ICs

    These 3-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver ICs incorporate a full complement of protection circuitry, allowing them to implement high-reliability drive circuits.

    By ON Semiconductor 216

  • ISO5500 Gate Driver

    ISO5500 gate driver series can be used with isolated power supplies to block high voltage, isolate ground, and prevent noise current entry on local grounds.

    By Texas Instruments 195

  • IRMCF371 Mixed-Signal Control IC

    International Rectifier’s Sensorless Motor Control Platform For Variable-Speed Pumps Enables 50 Percent Reduction in Energy Consumption.

    By Infineon Technologies 214

  • DRV8313 Motor Driver

    Texas Instruments' DRV8313 motor driver has a robust on-chip protection which helps to simplify design complexity and saves on board space.

    By Texas Instruments 201

  • C2x InstaSPIN™-FOC

    Texas Instruments' C2x InstaSPIN™-FOC is an easy-to-use motor control solution that helps to quickly and easily identify, tune, and fully control a motor control system.

    By Texas Instruments 221

  • L6480 and L6482 Stepper Motor Drivers

    Advanced and cSPIN integrated stepper motor drivers from STMicro allows microstepping motor control with motion engine and SPI.

    By STMicroelectronics 163

  • L6206 and L6206Q Bridge Drivers

    Bridge drivers from STMicro feature an operation supply voltage range of 8 V to 52 V, thermal shutdown, and under voltage lockout.

    By STMicroelectronics 117

  • A3910 Dual Half Bridge Motor Driver IC

    Allegro's A3910 is designed for unidirectional drive of two DC motors with outputs rated for operation up to 500 mA.

    By Allegro MicroSystems, LLC 79