माइक्रो कमर्शियल क


माइक्रो कमर्शियल क
  • Zener Diodes

    MCC's 1000 mW Zener diodes in SOD-123 package with bonding structure offer low Zener impedance and low inductance.

    By Micro Commercial Co 171

  • Current Limiting Diode

    The CLD20B CLDs limit or regulate current in LEDs over a wide voltage range and feature a 100% matte tin lead finish.

    By Micro Commercial Co 482

  • SOD-123FL Rectifiers

    The standard fast and super fast rectifiers in board-space-saving SOD-123FL package have a glass passivated die structure for good electrical performance.

    By Micro Commercial Co 216

  • 10 A Schottky Rectifier in TO-277B Package

    The 10 A, 45 V Schottky rectifiers offer low thermal resistance and high-forward surge current capability in a TO-277B low body profile package.

    By Micro Commercial Co 164

  • Schottky Diodes 0201 Package

    MCC offers their 0201 package Schottky diodes that focus on the applications which have space limitation requirements. Using state-of-art assembly technology, MCC achieves high reliability, produc

    By Micro Commercial Co 184

  • FRED Power Modules

    Epitaxial wafer process makes Micro Commercial Components modules have low forward loss, low reverse recovery loss and soft reverse recovery characteristics.

    By Micro Commercial Co 263

  • D3K Bridge Rectifiers

    Micro Commercial Components (MCC) introduces IC glass passivated, single-phase bridge rectifiers, featuring high reliability and robust performance in a small design package.

    By Micro Commercial Co 178

  • TBS Bridge Rectifiers

    MCC's TBS bridge rectifiers are a good choice to replace traditional through-hole package bridge rectifiers, such as KBP, GBP, GBL, and D3K to save board space.

    By Micro Commercial Co 519

  • Standard Recovery Rectifiers and Thyristor Modules

    MCC's power modules offer high reliability performances, are suitable for critical high power industrial application fields, and have guaranteed avalanche capability.

    By Micro Commercial Co 100

  • Low VF Schottky Rectifiers

    To meet increasing energy-saving requirements of power supply field applications, MCC expands their offering of power Schottky rectifiers.

    By Micro Commercial Co 266

  • Expanded Power and Small Signal MOSFETs

    MCC expands their offering of power and small signal MOSFETs, focusing mainly on surface mount packages.

    By Micro Commercial Co 191

  • High Power Transient Voltage Suppressors

    The 15 KW and 30 KW TVS with fast response time, high surge capability, and peak power rating to 30 KW per 10/1000 µs waveform is available in axial package.

    By Micro Commercial Co 264

  • 600 W TVS in SMA Package

    The highly reliable 600 W transient voltage suppressors with 100% matte tin lead finish feature low leakage current and fast response time.

    By Micro Commercial Co 307

  • GBJL Low Profile Bridge Rectifier

    GBJL bridge rectifiers have a current rating of 6 A to 35 A and reverse voltage level up to 1000 V with performance comparable to standard GBJ package.

    By Micro Commercial Co 194

  • 600 W Transient Voltage Suppressors

    The 600 W TVS series has excellent clamping capability, fast response time, and high surge capability in a low body height for space limited systems.

    By Micro Commercial Co 202

  • ESD Protection Devices

    ESD protection devices with up to 15KV ESD protective rating per IEC61000-4-2 and small package size are ideal for high speed applications such as USB and HDMI.

    By Micro Commercial Co 192

  • 0201 Package ESD Suppressor

    MCC's ESD suppressors offer ultra-low capacitance and high level ESD protection in an ultra-small 0201 package making them ideal for high-speed applications.

    By Micro Commercial Co 219

  • 1-2 A, 600 V, Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers in DO

    The 1-2 A, 600 V rectifiers are available in DO-221AC package and feature a low body height making them ideal for height restricted applications.

    By Micro Commercial Co 108

  • 3-5 A Schottky Rectifiers in DO-221AC Package

    The 3-5 A Schottky rectifiers have a low body height ideal for height restricted applications and feature a guard ring for over-voltage protection.

    By Micro Commercial Co 187

  • High-Power AK Series TVS Diodes

    The AK series of TVS diodes have a high anti-surge current capacity of up to 15,000 A per 8/20 µs pulse wave specifically designed for base station protection.

    By Micro Commercial Co 201