• GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion

    Designed to provide design engineers with information on how to design more efficient power conversion systems.

    By EPC 166

  • EPC9037/EPC9041 Development Boards

    EPC’s development boards are in a monolithic half- bridge topology with on-board gate drives, featuring the EPC2100/1/5 eGaNICs (Enhancement-mode Galium Nitride Integrated Circuit).

    By EPC 58

  • EPC9118 Demonstration Board

    Despite its small size, the EPC9118 demonstration board has peak power efficiency greater than 93%, capable of delivering 20 A at 5 V with a 36 V input.

    By EPC 514

  • EPC9106 Class-D Audio Amplifier

    The power block of the Efficient Power Conversion EPC9106 including eGaN FETs, driver, inductor and input/output caps is an ultra-compact 2.1 x 1.6 mm layout.

    By EPC 88

  • EPC2029 eGaN FETs

    The first in a new family of "Relaxed Pitch" devices, the EPC2029 80 V, 31 A eGaN FET from EPC features a 1 mm ball pitch.

    By EPC 91

  • EPC9201 GaN Half-Bridge Eval Board

    EPC's development board contains two enhancement mode (eGaN®) field effect transistors (FETs) arranged in a half bridge configuration with an onboard Texas Instruments LM5113 gate drive

    By EPC 96

  • EPC2030/31/32 eGaN FET

    EPC announces the extension of the eGaN power transistor portfolio with high-performance, wider-pitch, chip-scale packages for ease of high volume manufacturing and enhanced compatibility with mat

    By EPC 394

  • EPC9115 500W 1/8th Brick Demonstration Board

    The EPC9115 Demonstration Board is a fully regulated, 300 kHz isolated, DC/DC bus converter with a 12 V, 42 A output and an input range of 48 to 60 V.

    By EPC 70

  • EPC2033/EPC2034 150 V and 200 V eGaN FETs

    EPC announce the extension of GaN power transistor portfolio with two eGaN FETs that raise the bar for power conversion performance.

    By EPC 92

  • GaN Wireless Power Handbook 2nd Edition

    EPC's GaN FET book WiPo 2nd Edition is a supplement to GaN transistors for efficient power conversion.

    By EPC 65

  • EPC9052/53/54 Development Boards

    EPC's GaN-based differential mode development boards that can operate up to 30 MHz.

    By EPC 87

  • EPC9065 Class-D Amplifier Development Board

    EPC's EPC9065 is a high efficiency, Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) differential mode Class-D amplifier development board that operates at, but is not limited to, 6.78 MHz (lowest ISM band).

    By EPC 75

  • GaN Performance at MOSFET Value

    EPC's GaN today is facing a period of extremely rapid growth because semiconductors using this material give companies a major performance and cost advantage.

    By EPC 430

  • Gen 5 eGaN® FET

    EPC’s latest generation eGaN technology cuts the size of their devices in half, but triples their performance.

    By EPC 105

  • EPC9130 Regulated Converter

    EPC’s EPC9130 demonstration board features a power density exceeding 1000 W per cubic inch, and over 96% efficiency.

    By EPC 88

  • EPC9131 Demonstration Board for EPC2112

    EPC's demonstration board EPC9131 is easy to set up to evaluate the performance of the EPC2112 eGaN® IC and directly driven from the controller IC.

    By EPC 77

  • EPC9204 Evaluation Board for EPC2111

    EPC's EPC9204 development board provides an eGaN IC based power module, featuring the EPC2111 eGaN® IC (enhancement-mode gallium nitride integrated circuit).

    By EPC 91

  • EPC9205 GaN Power Module

    EPC's EPC9205 GaN power module is designed for plug-and-play evaluation of the high performance gained with gallium nitride power integrated circuits.

    By EPC 103

  • EPC2112/EPC2115 eGaN® ICs

    EPC's EPC2112/EPC2115 eGaN® ICs combine gate drivers with high-frequency GaN FETs for improved efficiency, reduced size, and lower cost.

    By EPC 89

  • EPC2050 Power Transistor

    EPC's EPC2050 is just 1.95 mm x 1.95 mm (3.72 mm2), giving designers high performance in a small size package.

    By EPC 151