• MeshConnect™ EM357 USB Sticks

    MeshConnect EM357 USB sticks utilize Silicon Lab’s EmberZNet PRO™ stack, enabling monitoring and control for devices with USB 2.0 port connectivity.

    By CEL 130

  • THine® V-by-One®HS Transmitter and Recei

    V-by-One®HS from CEL is designed for users who need to transmit high-resolution, uncompressed video data.

    By CEL 111

  • Small Signal GaAs FETs

    CEL's low cost pHEMTs are drop-in compatible GaAs FETs for Ku and Ka band satellite receiver applications.

    By CEL 129

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Modules for Wirel

    CEL BLE mesh modules is a CSR protocol that runs over existing BT smart and smart ready devices (BT4.0 and later).

    By CEL 101

  • RF Switches

    CEL's low cost RF switches are drop-in compatible and are ideal for transmitting and receiving applications.

    By CEL 155

  • B1010SP0-2 Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

    CEL's MeshConnect Bluetooth® low energy smart modules eliminate design risk and significantly reduce time-to-market for BLE wireless solutions.

    By CEL 103

  • Cortet® Z10 ZigBee® Extender

    CEL's Cortet Z10 range extender is a reliable, secure, and simple way to extend the range and/or capacity of a ZigBee network.

    By CEL 118

  • UV C LEDs for Sterilization

    CEL's high quality and high-reliability deep ultraviolet (UV C) LEDs emit light at either 265 nm or 275 nm wavelengths that destroy bacterial and viral DNA.

    By CEL 185