फिल्टर गर्दै


फिल्टर गर्दै
  • Privacy and Protection Products

    3M™ privacy and protection products offer the right fit over many devices providing privacy for users organization, inside and outside of the office.

    By 3M 204

  • S1MSWFQ/RS1MSWFQ Automotive-Grade Rectifiers

    Diodes Incorporated announces the introduction of automotive-grade high-voltage rectifier series which is housed in the compact SOD123F package.

    By Diodes Incorporated 79

  • AS3435 Active Noise Cancellation Speaker Driver

    ams’ AS3435 are speaker drivers for headsets, headphones, or ear pieces with ambient noise cancelling function.

    By ams 86

  • HMC890/HMC891/HMC892 Tunable Band-Pass Filters

    ADI's HMC890, HMC891, and HMC892 are MMIC band-pass filters with excellent microphonics due to their monolithic design.

    By Analog Devices Inc 90

  • MAFL-011013/011024 Surface Mount Diplexers

    MACOM's MAFL-011013 and MAFL-011024 diplexers are designed to replace CAN diplex filters in real estate constrained CPE applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 128

  • High Isolation, Broadband RF Switches

    Skyworks SKY13522-644LF, SKY13523-639LF, and SKY13524-639LF high isolation switches are designed for switching single-ended Rx SAW filters in cellular handsets.

    By Skyworks Solutions Inc 201

  • BALF-NRF01J5 Ultra-Thin Balun

    STMicroelectronics' BALF-NRF01J5 50 Ω ultra-thin balun with integrated harmonic filter/conjugate match balun to nRF51822-CTAA/CTAC in WLCSP.

    By STMicroelectronics 187

  • BALF-SPI2-02D3 Ultra-Miniature Balun

    STMicroelectronics' BALF-SPI2-02D3 ultra-miniature balun with Rx and Tx impedances optimized for S2-LP RF transceiver at 433 MHz.

    By STMicroelectronics 118

  • BALF-NRG-02J5 Enhanced Balun for BlueNRG

    STMicroelectronics' BALF-NRG-02J5 simplifies RF complexity and provides an optimized link budget in a footprint less than 1.2 mm² in extra low profile.

    By STMicroelectronics 90

  • MACP-011045 23 dB Coupler

    MACOM’s MACP-011045 is a 23 dB coupler in a low-cost surface mount package that is suited for wireless applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 210

  • MABA-01108 Transmission Line Balun

    MACOM's MABA-011085 is a 1:1 transmission line balun with tertiary winding in a low-cost surface mount package that is ideally suited for wireless applications.

    By MacomTechnology Solutions 340

  • SB Series Line Filters

    TE Connectivity Corcom's SB series filters provide significant differential mode performance ideal for industrial machinery equipment.

    By TE Connectivity Corcom Filters 268

  • FD Series Filters

    Curtis Industries' FD series filters are a general purpose line of filters for DC applications designed to comply with UL/EN 60950 safety requirements.

    By Curtis Industries 222

  • F1100 Series RFI Filters

    Curtis Industries' F11xx series of filters are available with a variety of input and output configurations.

    By Curtis Industries 218

  • FB Series Power Line Filters

    TE Connectivity's FB power line filters have an ambient temperature of 50°C, have strong differential mode performance, and are compact in size.

    By TE Connectivity Corcom Filters 297

  • HZ Power Line Filters

    TE Connectivity Corcom has launched the HZ power line filters series. Current ratings range from 3 A to 30 A with low leakage current.

    By TE Connectivity Corcom Filters 282

  • Medium Performance P Series Power Entry Modules

    TE's medium P series are a medium performance filter series offering better performance than standard filter options.

    By TE Connectivity Corcom Filters 188

  • F1199 Series RFI Filters

    The F1199 series from Curtis Industries provides a low-leakage solution to common mode EMI/RFI compliance and is designed for general purpose applications where low-leakage current is needed.

    By Curtis Industries 231

  • F3099 Series - Medical RFI Filters

    Curtis Industries' F3099 series are designed to meet UL544 and IEC601 specifications for both patient care and on-patient categories.

    By Curtis Industries 211

  • AC Line Filters

    KEMET's AC line filters common and differential mode, and high-frequency filters for noise-suppression applications in all market segments.

    By KEMET 163