ओसी व्हाइट कं।


ओसी व्हाइट कं।
  • Green-Lite® Magnifiers

    The Green-Lite series from O.C. White are an energy efficient, high output, and long lasting line of inspection lighting systems.

    By O.C. White Co. 122

  • Prolite® Magnifiers

    O.C. White's Prolite series fluorescent magnifier uses a high output 22 W circular bulb and includes a bulb shield for additional operator safety. The 5” round crown white glass magnifiers com

    By O.C. White Co. 127

  • BONKOTE™ BONPENS Refillable Flux Pens

    O.C. White's BONKOTE™ BONPENS refillable flux pens are ESD safe, available in seven distinct styles, and are used for a variety of applications.

    By O.C. White Co. 88

  • Accu-Lite™ LED Magnifiers

    O.C. White's feature-rich Accu-Lite™ LED magnifiers come in 3 sizes, 2 diopters, 2 colors, and are available with several mounting options and add-on lenses.

    By O.C. White Co. 115