Eval/Dev उपकरण


Eval/Dev उपकरण
  • Qualcomm's monopoly pushes Intel out of the baseband chip market

    Intel said it had lost billions of dollars in its previous sale of the baseband chip business to Apple.

    By Intel 105

  • Circuit Playground Dev Board

    Users can practice programming with Adafruit’s Circuit Playground development board which features built-in USB support and requires no soldering or sewing.

    By Adafruit Industries 125

  • MIKROE-957 Analog System Lab Kit (ASLK) PRO

    The ASLK PRO has been created by MikroElektronika for Texas Instruments and is designed for undergraduate engineering students to perform analog lab experiments.

    By Texas Instruments 116

  • myParts Kit

    Get students quickly involved in building essential electronic circuits using Digilent's myParts kit, supported by the Texas Instruments University program.

    By Texas Instruments 104

  • Surfboards®  9000 Series

    Capital Advanced Technologies' 9000 series Surfboards provide an "off the shelf" means to build prototype and short-run surface-mount circuits.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 142

  • Microsoft IoT Grove Kit

    The easy-to-use GrovePi+ from Seeed is compatible with Raspberry Pi B/B+/A+/2/3, and has plug-n-play Grove Modules for rapid prototyping.

    By Seeed Technology Co., Ltd. 527

  • Hexiwear

    MikroElektronika's Hexiwear is a small and sleek, low-power wearable development kit for the IoT era.

    By MikroElektronika 129

  • A-Cute Car Robotic

    Terasic Technology's introduces their A-Cute line-following robotic car kit that utilizes an Altera Cyclone IV FPGA board and includes the necessary hardware for a remote car application.

    By Terasic Inc. 111

  • TDHBG2500P100 2.5 kW Half-Bridge Evaluation Board

    The TDHBG2500P100 half-bridge evaluation board provides the elements of a simple buck or boost converter for basic study of switching characteristics and efficiency achievable with Transphorm’s 65

    By Transphorm 144

  • ADALM-PLUTO Active Learning Module

    ADI’s ADALM-PLUTO, software defined radio (SDR) with ARM Cortex-A9, for wireless communication tools for students, hobbyists, and educators.

    By Analog Devices Inc 103

  • Red Pitaya STEMLab Starter Kits

    Trenz Electronics' Red Pitaya STEMLab starter kits contain everything needed to start developing with the Red Pitaya STEMLab 125-10 or 125-14 boards.

    By Trenz Electronic 339

  • piot 101

    This hands-on workshop from Initial State will teach you the basics of using a Raspberry Pi and how to use a Pi to create an Internet of Things application.

    By Initial State Technologies, Inc. 97

  • AdaBox003 ESP8266 Feather Based IoT Kit

    Adafruit's ADABOX003 is designed to introduce a new person the joys of making electronics and specifically the world of IoT.

    By Adafruit Industries 81

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W Project Kits

    Pimoroni has developed an assortment of kits to leverage the newest board from the Raspberry Pi foundation.

    By Pimoroni 105

  • XT-FEMTO-SXL Embedded LAN Network Module

    AK-NORD’s XT-FEMTO-SXL is a very small embedded LAN network module which can be easily integrated into any terminal.

    By AK-NORD GmbH 92

  • Basys MX3™: PIC32MX Trainer Board for Embedded Sys

    The Digilent Basys MX3™ is a development platform for the Microchip PIC microcontroller (PIC32MX370).

    By Digilent, Inc. 96

  • mBot Educational Robotics Platform

    Makeblock's mBot educational robotics platform is an Arduino compatible entry-level robot kit to learn coding, robotics, and electronics.

    By Makeblock 92

  • 6000/9000 Series Surfboards and UNI-SIP™ Kits

    Capital Advanced's 6000 series, 9000 series, and UNI-SIP kits are designed for building prototypes, test circuits, adapting and test, and as base boards.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 506

  • Mega-B IoT Development Kit

    Breadware's Mega-B development kit is a Bluetooth® LE 4.2 prototyping kit for quickly building and testing the user's IoT concept.

    By Breadware, Inc. 130

  • Desktop PCB Milling Machine

    Bantam Tools' desktop PCB milling machine effortlessly handles double-sided PCBs with 6 mil trace and space while milling directly from Gerber files.

    By Bantam Tools 101