आपसमा जडान गर्नुहोस्


आपसमा जडान गर्नुहोस्
  • In-Vehicle USB Charger for BC 1.2 Profile

    Off-the-shelf USB battery chargers from Molex deliver 5 V and 1.5 A for multiple in-vehicle locations and save in tooling and engineering costs.

    By Molex Inc 131

  • Ultra-Low-Profile Retainers for 20 mm Coin Cell Ba

    Keystone’s 20 mm coin cell battery retainers are designed with leading edge technology in mind to accommodate all major manufacturers' 20 mm batteries.

    By Keystone Electronics 116

  • Cylindrical Battery Contacts

    MPD manufactures battery contacts and springs for use with cases that have molded battery compartments, as well as for PCB mounting.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 158

  • BK-913 Low-Profile CR2032 Battery Retainer

    Memory Protection Devices' BK-913 are 20 mm diameter batteries, offering a 23% narrower width than other competing designs and weighing just 0.8 grams is just the beginning of its benefits.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 81

  • mPm DIN Valve Connectors

    Molex's range of field attachable DIN valve connectors provide unsurpassed sealing properties and increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory and lower applied cos

    By Molex Inc 152

  • BK-885 12 mm Coin Cell Retainer

    MPD's BK-885 is a versatile, nickel plated 12 mm coin cell retainer with a low profile design that is ideal for the growing demands of portable electronic equipment.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 104

  • BK-915 Side Loading Battery Retainer

    MPD's great connectivity of BK-915 makes it particularly suitable for applications where a reliable connection is paramount.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 94

  • Mini AAAA Battery Holders for Two Cells

    The BE-2AAAA-PC from MPD (Memory Protection Devices) provides the perfect solution for a battery holder that accepts two AAAA-cells.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 95

  • CR2477 Battery Retainer with Sliding Tray

    MPD's CR2477 battery retainer with sliding tray that clips together safely for shock and vibration environments.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 105

  • BH9VPC 9 V Battery Holder

    MPD's plastic battery holder that hard mounts down and accepts carbon-zinc, alkaline, lithium or rechargeable 9 V (PP3) batteries.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 119

  • Spring Loaded Cylindrical Battery Holders with PCB

    Keystone's popular plastic battery holders now include products with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6" wires for simplified installations.

    By Keystone Electronics 215

  • EtherCAT Junction Boxes

    Molex EtherCAT junction boxes support flexible wiring configurations and mounting options in line, tree, or star topologies in a compact footprint.

    By Molex Inc 146

  • BRAD® mPm® DIN Valve Connectors

    Molex's DIN valve connectors increase performance, simplify manufacturing processes, reduce inventory, and lower applied costs for a variety of applications.

    By Molex Inc 131

  • MRJ Connector Series

    MRJ connectors from Amphenol ICC are ideal for harsh environments where Ethernet/IP protocol is used. Available in 8- or 10-contact versions.

    By Amphenol Commercial Products 298

  • SocketModem® Shield - Adapter Developer Kit

    MultiTech announces the Arduino Shield compatible-adapter board that allows for rapid development with MultiTech's line of embedded cellular SocketModems.

    By Multi-Tech Systems Inc 111

  • ARISO Contactless Connectivity

    The TE Connectivity AMP's “contactless connectivity” is a hybrid interconnection system, based on both contactless power and contactless data technology.

    By TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 133

  • 75136 Power-Pole Assembly for the Power Electronic

    Vishay Dale's power-pole printed circuit assembly (PCA) provides a reconfigurable totem-pole circuit to conduct several experiments in the Power Electronics Lab.

    By Vishay/Dale 252

  • EZ-Spring Contacts

    Also known as grounding / RFI contacts, spring or shield fingers, Harwin's spring contacts can be assembled to PCBs and used as grounding or shielding contacts.

    By Harwin Inc 195

  • Color-Coded, Auto Blade Fuse Holders

    Keystone Electronics incorporates colored insulator bodies to their series of SMT and THM automotive blade fuse holders for PCB applications.

    By Keystone Electronics 186

  • High-Voltage Fuse Holders and Blocks

    Littelfuse's high-voltage 254, 354, 356, 359, 520, 150 HV, and 345 HV series fuse blocks and holders, with their miniature size, eliminates the need to compromise on size to get a higher volta

    By Littelfuse Inc 229