• Power Supplies

    Qualtek offers a variety of power supplies that all comply with safety agency regulations.

    By Qualtek 179

  • Power and Cooling

    Qualtek's AC and DC axial fans are high tech, low cost fans available in a variety of bearing types, voltages, and sizes.

    By Qualtek 163

  • Level VI USB 5 V Single Output Power Supply

    Qualtek has updated its series of AC / DC wall mount and desktop power supplies to meet U.S Department of Energy's efficiency Level VI standards.

    By Qualtek 93

  • Level VI Desktop and Wall-Mount Power Supplies

    Qualtek's Level VI desktop and wall mount power supplies feature universal AC input / full range.

    By Qualtek 114

  • QFWB Level VI Power Supplies

    Qualtek's QFWB series power supplies feature an energy efficiency Level VI and a 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm output plug.

    By Qualtek 92

  • QADA Series Level VI Desktop Power Supplies

    Qualtek’s QADA series desktop power supplies range from 18 W to 120 W and comply with the latest safety and energy efficiency standards.

    By Qualtek 105

  • Nylon Cable Ties

    Qualtek Electronics offers a complete line of low cost, high reliability cable ties. Qualtek nylon cable ties are available in a variety of styles including miniature, intermediate, standard, and

    By Qualtek 115

  • 739W-X2/45 NEMA 5-15R Tamper-Resistant Power Outle

    Qualtek's 739W-X2/45 tamper-resistant system features a built-in shutter system which prevents foreign objects from touching electrically live components.

    By Qualtek 105

  • Heat-Shrinkable Products

    Qualtek's complete line of heat-shrinkable products include thin wall, medium and heavy wall, adhesive lined, medium and high voltage insulation, molded parts and end caps, wide range of shrin

    By Qualtek 113

  • AC Receptacles

    Qualtek’s AC receptacles include complete lines of inlets, outlets, and multi-function modules with custom designs available upon request.

    By Qualtek 125

  • Hospital-Grade Power Cords with North American Col

    Qualtek’s North American hospital-grade power cords have been designed to comply with UL and CSA agencies to insure safe and reliable products.

    By Qualtek 92

  • 20 A NEMA Convenience Power Outlet

    Qualtek's 739W-X2/50 utilizes the same panel cutout as our popular 739W-X2/20 NEMA 5-20R outlet, so for existing applications this outlet can drop into place.

    By Qualtek 113

  • USB 2.0 A Male to USB 2.0 Micro

    Qualtek USB 2.0 cable assemblies, utilizing the USB A male plug on one end and USB micro B plug on the other end, are manufactured using twisted-pair construction and shielded cable.

    By Qualtek 77

  • C13 Outlets with IDC Terminals

    Qualtek's outlet part numbers 715W-15/01 and 715W-15/02 are offered with two wiring arrangements that allow for a vertical or horizontal mounting orientation.

    By Qualtek 82

  • CEE Continental Europe Power Cords

    Qualtek’s expanded European power cords comply with international safety agencies.

    By Qualtek 98

  • Q2-F/Q2-F3X Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

    Qualtek's Q2-F and Q2-F3X heat shrink thin wall tubing is highly flexible, flame retardant, and ideal for bundling wires.

    By Qualtek 93

  • CSA and UL Approved North American Power Cords

    Qualtek’s North American power cords have been designed to comply with safety agency regulations to ensure safe and reliable products.

    By Qualtek 292

  • USB 2.0 Male and Female USB Cable Assembly

    Qualtek's USB 2.0 cable assemblies are manufactured using twisted-pair construction and shielded cable to ensure high-speed transfer without any errors.

    By Qualtek 121

  • USB 3.1 and Type-C™  USB Cable Assemblies

    Qualtek’s USB 3.1 cables along with the Type-C™ connector allows you to charge and power your USB-C enabled device, sync and transfer data quickly and safely.

    By Qualtek 114

  • AC and DC Axial Fans

    High quality AC and DC fans available in a variety of bearing types and speeds, may be used for many types of applications.

    By Qualtek 261