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Sensata टेक्नोलोजीहरू - Crydom
  • SeriesOneDR Solid-State Relay Timer

    Crydom's solid-state relay expertise are now combined with advanced microprocessor based timing in the SeriesOne DR timer.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 444

  • LifePlus ED Series of Solid-State Relays

    Crydom introduces the new LifePlus ED series of AC and DC output pluggable solid state relays.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 232

  • HDC Series Contactors

    Crydom expands its extensive line of DC switching solutions with the introduction of the HDC series rated up to 160 amps and 200 VDC.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 239

  • Power SCR/Diode Modules

    High-efficiency power diode and SCR modules from Crydom feature industry-standard outlines with a choice of diode and SCR combinations.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 152

  • SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays

    Crydom's SeriesOne DR family of AC and DC output DIN rail mounted solid state relays are intended for use in applications where higher output power ratings are required.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 279

  • SeriesOne 3A DIN Rail Solid State Relays

    SeriesOne DIN Rail SSRs are ideal for use in panels to control a variety of resistive and inductive loads in benign to harsh environments, offering the advantages of proprietary thermal management

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 141

  • CW Series Solid-State Relays

    Includes a Universal AC/DC voltage input option in addition to the standard 3 to 32 VDC, 18 to 36, and 90 to 280 VAC inputs

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 167

  • EL Series AC and DC Output Solid State Relays

    The EL series of AC and DC output SSRs from Crydom feature output termination via 0.25" quick connect terminal and 0.187" quick connect input terminals.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 157

  • LVD Series DC Low-Voltage Disconnect

    Designed to disconnect 12 or 24 volt battery systems from their loads when the battery voltage falls below a pre-selected DC voltage

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 140

  • CTR Series Din Rail Mount Relays

    Features an LED input status indicator and zero-crossing (resistive loads) or random-fire (inductive loads) output.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 157

  • 53 Series Three-Phase, AC Motor Reversing SSRs

    Designed for harsh environments and available with either AC or DC input control voltages

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 157

  • UPD Series

    Allows for attachment to an external heat sink to achieve full output ratings in a 40°C ambient temperature

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 141

  • SOLICON DRC Solid State Contactor

    Features built-in overvoltage protection and load voltage range up to 530 Vac

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 189

  • GN Series Solid State Relays

    Crydom offers reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 154

  • CX and CMX PCB Solid State Relays

    Crydom's CX and CMX SSR's provide engineers smaller and more power-dense solutions for discrete or traditional panel-mount applications.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 172

  • HAC Series High-Current Solid-State Contactors

    The HAC series, rated up to 150 A rms at 660 VAC in a 40°C ambient, complements Crydom's high-current DC output HDC series of solid-state contactors.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 139

  • GN DC Series Solid State Relays

    Crydom's GN series, DC-rated, panel-mount, switching SSRs offer longer life and reliability over traditional DC electromechanical relays.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 194

  • DRH Series Solid-State Contactors

    Crydom introduces their DRH series, intended for switching any resistive or inductive loads. The DRH contactors are ideal for use on heating applications in market segments like plastic, packaging

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 176

  • PMP Proportional Control SSR

    Crydom now offers their PMP series of fully configurable single-phase proportional control SSRs.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 222

  • NOVA22 45 mm Wide Din Rail SSR

    Crydom’s NOVA22 DR45 is a powerful and compact solid state relay in a DIN rail 45 mm wide package with an output rating up to 60 A at +40°C.

    By Sensata Technologies – Crydom 143