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समृद्ध अमेरिका
  • XHP Series LED Modules

    Opulent's XHP series LED modules, built with Cree SC5 technology, are an off-the-shelf platform to rapidly move from prototype to finished LED lighting fixture.

    By Opulent Americas 159

  • High-Power Starboards

    The Cree starboard series, from Opulent North America, delivers high efficacy across a range of luminous flux options in a small, easy-to-use setup.

    By Opulent Americas 149

  • Chemical Compatibility Test Kits

    Opulent North America's chemical compatibility test kits feature mixing cups, applicator brushes, adhesive, glass vials, and mounted Cree LEDs.

    By Opulent Americas 154

  • Linear LED Modules

    Opulent America's OSRAM Linear LED modules are lean and fast, offering high efficacy, flexible design, long life, and easy integration into existing designs.

    By Opulent Americas 158

  • OSRAM Oslon Square 2 x 4 LED Modules

    Opulent Americas' OSRAM Oslon square modules help designers shorten development time by using standard modules in a variety of lumen outputs.

    By Opulent Americas 156

  • Infrared (IR) Starboards

    Opulent Americas' IR starboards offer superior performance with flexible options for faster prototyping and testing of multiple design options.

    By Opulent Americas 187

  • Cree XLamp Starboards

    The Cree starboard series from Opulent Americas delivers high efficacy across a range luminous flux options in a small, easy to use setup.

    By Opulent Americas 185

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Starboards

    Opulent's UV starboards feature the Luminus SST-10UV SMT series high-power UV LEDs with built-in ESD protection.

    By Opulent Americas 194

  • Horticulture Starboards

    Opulent Americas' starboards are made with LEDs specifically selected for the highest performance at a given color and are ideal for horticulture applications.

    By Opulent Americas 180