Crystek निगम


Crystek निगम
  • CPPD Line of Frequency Multipliers

    Crystek Corporation has introduces a line of frequency multipliers, the Crystek Pocket Passive Doubler (CPPD) series.

    By Crystek Corporation 178

  • SMA Housed Attenuators

    Crystek Microwave has introduced a new line of attenuators, the Crystek CATTEN series.

    By Crystek Corporation 212

  • Redbox Series Regulator Kits and Amplifier

    Applications for the RedBox include IF or RF buffer amplifiers, base stations, high reliability applications and general lab use for in-house testing.

    By Crystek Corporation 337

  • CLPFL Series Low Pass Filters

    CLPFL series low pass filters are designed in a rugged SMA housing.

    By Crystek Corporation 115

  • CCHD-950 Series Oscillators

    Crystek pushes the phase noise performance benchmark with -168 dBc/Hz with CCHD-950 HCMOS clock oscillator development.

    By Crystek Corporation 166

  • RFPRO Series

    Offers frequency stability of ±150 ppm over -20°C to 70°C (storage temperature -45° to 90°C).

    By Crystek Corporation 103

  • Pocket Reference Oscillator

    A complete HCMOS crystal clock oscillator has been integrated in a rugged SMA housing

    By Crystek Corporation 121

  • 245.760 MHz SAW Clock Oscillator

    Provides ultra-low jitter/phase noise performance with true sine wave output.

    By Crystek Corporation 79

  • 4124-4238 MHz VCO

    Crystek's VCO operates from 4124 MHz to 4238 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.1 V~16 V

    By Crystek Corporation 124

  • CLPFL Series BNC Type Low Pass Filters

    The CLPFL series BNC low pass filters are encased in a rugged BNC housing with 50 ohm connectors for test equipment and general lab use.

    By Crystek Corporation 491

  • 26.5 GHz Hand Formable .086 Coaxial Cables

    Crystek's 50Ω DC-26.5 Hand Formable Coaxial Cables

    By Crystek Corporation 181

  • RF Connectors and Cables

    Crystek has released its line of High-Performance RF Connectors to its distribution network, making these durable, precision connectors available.

    By Crystek Corporation 205

  • Armored LL142 Series Coaxial Cables

    Offer shielding effectiveness greater than -110 dB with an operating temperature range of -55°C to 85°C

    By Crystek Corporation 78

  • 40 GHz Coaxial Cable Assemblies

    40 GHz Coaxial Cable Assemblies offer shielding effectiveness of <-90 dB and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 85°C

    By Crystek Corporation 133

  • RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

    Crystek's RF coaxial cable assemblies including the LL142 50 Ω 18 GHz and SS402 50 Ω 18 GHz cables feature stainless steel solder-clamp construction.

    By Crystek Corporation 88

  • 50 GHz Low-Loss RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

    CC2450-MM-150 series feature corrosion-resistant 2.4 mm 303 stainless steel connectors and three levels of shielding for low attenuation (loss) over distance.

    By Crystek Corporation 74