मेलेक्सिस टेक्नोलोजी NV


मेलेक्सिस टेक्नोलोजी NV
  • MLX90333 Series Contactless Sensors

    Melexis' MLX90333 for 3D position sensor applications features simple and robust magnetic design with Triaxis Hall technology.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 249

  • MLX92212 Hall-Effect Sensors

    Melexis' MLX92212LSE-AAA and MLX92212LSE-ABA Hall-effect sensors built on advanced CMOS processes target operation between 2.5 V and 5.5 V.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 182

  • MLX90217 IC Sensor

    Melexis' MLX90217 self-adjusting, gear-tooth IC sensor for automotive camshaft sensing has a short-circuit protected open collector output.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 214

  • MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer

    Melexis' MLX90614 infrared thermometer integrates a low-noise amplifier, 17-bit ADC, and powerful DSP unit.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 171

  • MLX92242/MLX92241 and MLX92221 2-Wire Sensors

    Melexis presents a package option, featuring an integrated decoupling capacitor, for its existing 2-wire Hall-effect switch and latch sensor ICs.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 139

  • MLX90621 16 x 4 Pixel Thermal Imager

    Melexis' MLX90621 InfraRed array delivers a significantly expanded field of view at 30° x 120° and a 4 times faster measurement speed.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 147

  • MLX90363 Triaxis® Programmable Position Senso

    Melexis introduces their MLX90363 triaxis programmable position sensor IC featuring SPI for a wide range of sensing applications.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 72

  • MLX91210 Integrated Current Sensor

    Melexis' MLX91210 integrated current sensor comes with a variety of sensing versions available for industrial, home, and commercial applications.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 149

  • MLX92231 Programmable Hall Effect Proximity Sensor

    Melexis’ MLX92231 are unipolar 3-wire hall-effect proximity sensors. These sensors integrate a Hall-effect sensor element with advanced offset cancellation mechanism, a voltage regulator and an op

    By Melexis Technologies NV 142

  • MLX92215 2nd Generation Hall Effect Latch Switch

    Melexis Technologies' MLX92215 2nd generation 3-wire Hall effect latch switch sensor with offset cancellation and open-drain driver that are ideal for automotive applications such as e-bikes,

    By Melexis Technologies NV 76

  • MLX92292, ASIL B Programmable Hall Effect Switch a

    Melexis Technologies' MLX92292 is a 3-wire Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B supported latch and switch in a small TSOT-3 and 3-SIP package that is ideal for automotive, health, and i

    By Melexis Technologies NV 82

  • MLX92251 Dual Hall Effect CMOS Latches

    Melexis Technologies' MLX92251 2nd generation complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Hall effect dual latch sensors with two output drivers and a voltage regulator for automotive indus

    By Melexis Technologies NV 110

  • MLX92232 3-Wire Programmable Hall Effect Sensor

    Melexis Technologies' MLX92232 3-wire programmable hall effect sensors with voltage regulators, output drivers, and EEPROM memory in SIP and TSOT23 packages are ideal for automotive, medical,

    By Melexis Technologies NV 98

  • MIKROE-1987 3D Hall Click Board™

    The MikroElektronika MIKROE-1987 3D Hall Click™ Board features the Melexis MLX90333 Triaxis Hall sensor.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 167

  • MLX90242 Linear Hall Effect Sensor

    Melexis’ MLX90242 is a fix-programmed linear Hall effect sensor with a ratiometric analog output.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 160

  • MLX90248 Omnipolar On/Off Hall Effect Switch

    Melexis’ MLX90248 Omnipolar magnetic switches for power hungry applications such as displays, backlights, and keypad illumination.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 149

  • MLX90393 Programmable Triaxis® Magnetic Field

    Melexis' MLX90393 micropower magnetometer for non-contact HMI applications such as rotary knobs, dials, and joysticks.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 186

  • MLX90632 Miniature Far Infrared (FIR) Sensors

    Melexis' MLX90632 FIR sensor including the sensor element, signal processing, digital interface, and optics allowing integration into many of applications.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 540

  • MLX90640 FIR Sensor

    The Melexis MLX90640 is a fully calibrated 32 pixel x 24 pixel IR array in an industry-standard 4-lead TO39 package with a digital interface.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 223

  • MLX90380 Pre-Programmed Magnetic Resolver

    Melexis’ MLX90380 is ideally suited for applications needing fast position sensing readouts.

    By Melexis Technologies NV 547