Aven उपकरणहरू


Aven उपकरणहरू
  • Artis Tweezers

    Aven’s Artis tweezers have a cutting-edge design that features an angled bend at the end of the tip, which provides a softer overall grip with a large surface area that reduces hand fatigue, enhan

    By Aven Tools 120

  • ProVue Deluxe Magnifying Lamp LED

    Aven introduces their LED magnification lamp with a 5-inch, 5-diopter, round glass lens (2.25x magnification).

    By Aven Tools 144

  • SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope

    Aven's SPZ-50, stereo, zoom binocular microscope offers zoom ratio with crisp, clear 3D images and a wide field of view, offering 6.7x to 50x continuous zoom with standard 10x eyepieces.

    By Aven Tools 116

  • SharpVue Digital Microscope System and Accessories

    Aven’s SharpVue system combines advanced digital microscope technology with comfort and ease of use.

    By Aven Tools 105

  • Mighty Vue Pro LED Lamp

    Aven’s mighty vue pro LED lamp is ideal for assembly, workshop, or inspection applications. This ESD safe lamp has adjustable color temperature (3500 K to 6500 K) and brightness control.

    By Aven Tools 125

  • 17601 and 17602 Heat Guns

    Aven Tools' 17601 and 17602 heat guns have 3 nozzle attachments, high and low airflow settings, and are designed for use in either hand.

    By Aven Tools 121

  • Hot Glue Guns

    Aven Tools' high performance hot glue guns heat up quickly and efficiently and are designed for professional bonding, DIY home repairs, wood work, and hobby work.

    By Aven Tools 102

  • Cyclops Macro and Cyclops Micro Digital Microscope

    Aven’s Cyclops Macro and Cyclops Micro digital microscopes, designed with the operator in mind, offer a sophisticated high magnification solution.

    By Aven Tools 79

  • Mighty Scope HD Digital Microscope

    The Mighty Scope HD digital microscope from Aven Tools features 3x to 270x magnification, HDMI video output, white LED illumination, and built-in menu options.

    By Aven Tools 105

  • SPZ-50E Stereo Zoom Microscope

    Aven Tools’ SPZV-50E stereo zoom trinocular and binocular microscopes offer super sharp 3D images, wide field of view, and long working distance.

    By Aven Tools 87

  • ProVue Solas Magnifying Lamps with Interchangeable

    Aven Tools’ ProVue Solas magnifying lamps give the flexibility of selecting between two lenses to help optimize the ProVue Solas for the right applications.

    By Aven Tools 109

  • Dual Gooseneck LED Task Light

    Aven Tools’ dual gooseneck LED task light is designed for workshops, machining centers, warehouses, garages, science labs, factories, and home use.

    By Aven Tools 96

  • In-X Interchangeable Magnification Lamp

    Aven's In-X magnification lamp with interchangeable magnification contains 64 SMD LEDs, a spring balanced arm, and touch sensitive buttons.

    By Aven Tools 490

  • Ultra-Glide Arm Systems

    Aven's ultra-glide arm stand features a 13.5" post with a safety collar and a heavy 10.5" x 15" base.

    By Aven Tools 138

  • Neo-Light Dual Color LED Task Light

    Aven’s Neo-Light LED task lamp offers ultra-bright, even illumination with 60 energy-efficient LEDs to control brightness and color temperature.

    By Aven Tools 94

  • Quick Interchange Crimp Tools

    Aven’s high-precision crimpers feature a safety release function and a built-in ratchet for applying the correct pressure, ensuring a complete crimp each time.

    By Aven Tools 109