लुमेक्स ओप्टो/कम्पोनेन्ट्स इंक


लुमेक्स ओप्टो/कम्पोनेन्ट्स इंक
  • LCD Character Display Modules

    Lumex's LCD character display modules are aimed at designers of commercial and industrial applications where ruggedness and the ability to fine-tune a supplied product are required.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 200

  • QuasarBrite™ LED

    Lumex's QuasarBrite family of panel mount indicator LEDs feature a 120 VAC LED that eliminates the need for AC to DC transformers.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 250

  • SunBrite™ MR16

    Lumex's SunBrite MR-16 Retrofit LED provides significant cost and performance benefits compared to halogen alternatives widely available in the market today.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 288

  • TitanBrite 2 W High Power UV LEDs

    Lumex's TitanBrite 2 watt UV LEDs offer twice the power with the same footprint as a standard 1 watt package.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 138

  • LCD Numeric Display Modules

    Lumex’s popular LCD-S301C31TR LCD numeric display modules come in an overall size of 30.70 mm x 16.20 mm and offer a 3-digit character display height of 7.87 mm.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 169

  • QuasarBrite™ 0404 Package LEDs

    Lumex's QuasarBrite 0404 RGB LED is ideally suited for multicolor LED indicator applications in restricted spaces.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 132

  • Extreme-Temperature LCD Modules

    Lumex’s high/low-temperature custom LCD modules are designed specifically for products required to function under the most strenuous conditions.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 222

  • QuasarBrite Surface-Mount Right-Angle LEDs

    The QuasarBrite surface-mount right-angle LEDs series includes high brightness chip technology with a choice of LED colors in red, green, yellow and blue.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 181

  • QuasarBrite Surface-Mount 1206 Package

    The QuasarBrite surface-mount 1206 package contains flat solder terminals and is round lensed. This LED series includes state-of-the art high brightness chip technology.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 203

  • QuasarBrite™ 2-High SMD PBC Indicators

    Lumex SMD LED PCB indicators with 25% lower assembly costs as a thru-hole PCB indicator.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 209

  • QuasarBrite™ T-5mm Ultra-Bright LED Indicators

    Lumex's QuasarBrite through-hole LEDs come in a T-5 mm package design and offer ultra-bright appearance suitable for outdoors.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 194

  • InfoVue™ Extreme Temperature LCD Displays

    InfoVue™ High/Low Temp LCD displays provide a number of key benefits including reliable performance in a wider range of extreme temperatures, enhanced visual display quality, and significant techn

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 195

  • InfoVue™ 105°C LCD Display

    Lumex's InfoVue™ 105°C LCD display high/low temperature LCD modules are designed specifically for products required to function under the most strenuous conditions.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 214

  • InfoVue™ OLED Display

    ITW ECS brand Lumex announces the release of the InfoVue OLED display which features an ultra thin display with low power consumption.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 256

  • SML-LX0201 Series LED

    Lumex's SML-LX0201 series LEDs can be used for almost any indication in tight spaces.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 233

  • SML-LX4014UWC-TR Ultra-Bright White SMT LED

    Lumex's SML-LX4014UWC-TR ultra-bright white SMT LED is ideal for backlighting, sunlight visible indication, and even small space lighting applications.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 257


    Lumex’s SML-LX0303SIUOGUSB ultra-small LED has a package size of 0.80 mm by 0.80 mm.

    By Lumex Opto/Components Inc 228