पावर र सर्किट संरक्षण


पावर र सर्किट संरक्षण
  • PMC Series

    Delta's PMC panel mount power supply series offers nominal output voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V and dual output of 24 V / 5 V.

    By Delta Industrial Power 189

  • SB Series Line Filters

    TE Connectivity Corcom's SB series filters provide significant differential mode performance ideal for industrial machinery equipment.

    By TE Connectivity Corcom Filters 268

  • VLED Series

    CUI's VLED series provides a compact, highly efficient constant current solution for driving LEDs.

    By CUI Inc 256

  • EH4205 Micropower Step Up Low Voltage Booster Modu

    Advanced Linear Devices' EH4200 series of micro-power, step-up, low-voltage booster modules are ready to use out of the box with no circuit design required.

    By Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. 193

  • L01 Series PC Mount Toroidal Transformers

    Amgis' PC mount toroidal transformers advantages include low stray magnetic field, low idling current, and greater efficiency.

    By Amgis, LLC 186

  • A4970 Motor Driver IC

    Allegro's A4970 motor driver IC is intended to be a functional replacement for UDx2916 utilizing a DMOS output technology rather than bipolar outputs.

    By Allegro MicroSystems, LLC 186

  • AS Series Inrush Current Limiters

    Ametherm's AS series of inrush current limiters are designed to protect your components from damaging levels of inrush current at start up.

    By Ametherm 163

  • ADP150/ADP151 CMOS Linear Regulators

    The ADP150 ultra-low noise, low dropout, linear regulator operates from 2.2 V to 5.5 V and provides up to 150 mA of output current.

    By Analog Devices Inc 179

  • Accu-Guard® II Low Current Series

    AVX's Accu-Guard® II low-current series of miniature 0603 fuses utilize thin-film and LGA technologies and are UL E141069 approved.

    By AVX Corporation 218

  • SMM Series 3812 Size SMD Fuses

    Square ceramic surface-mountable SMM series of 3812 size medium-blow fuses for overcurrent protection in compact, high-current applications.

    By Bel Fuse Inc 297

  • 2054 Series GDT Surge Protectors

    Bourns' 2054 series of three-electrode, SMD, GDT surge protectors are well suited for broadband protection with their ultra-low capacitance.

    By Bourns Inc. 258

  • CDSOD323 TVS Diodes

    Bourns' CDSOD323 transient voltage suppressor diodes for xDSL applications are available in an SOD-323 package size format.

    By Bourns Inc. 247

  • LSP LED Protection Devices

    Bourns LSP series of LED shunt protection devices features fast switching and automatic reset in an SMB package.

    By Bourns Inc. 673

  • RS-485 Evaluation Boards

    Bourns offers two RS-485 evaluation boards to streamline evaluating circuit protection on RS-485 serial device ports.

    By Bourns Inc. 236

  • Metal Oxide Varistors

    Bourns' metal oxide varistor's (MOV) voltages range from 18 V to 1800 V and are available in 7, 10, 14, and 20 mm.

    By Bourns Inc. 274

  • TBU® Series High Speed Protectors

    Bourns' TBU resettable device is placed in series with a signal path and operates in approximately 1 μs once the line current exceeds the trigger current.

    By Bourns Inc. 189

  • CX-Series Circuit Breaker

    Ideal for integration into Information Technologies’ power distribution equipment utilizing high DC voltage input.

    By Carling Technologies 692

  • S505H Series 500-600 VAC/400 VDC 5x20 mm Fuses

    S505H Series provides higher voltage ratings and breaking capacities than standard IEC 60127-2 fuses.

    By Eaton-Electronics Division 564

  • PV Series Photovoltaic Fuses

    The demand for alternative energy has led to another innovation from Eaton, the industry leader in circuit protection.

    By Eaton-Bussmann Electrical Division 203

  • EMMA Medical Multi-Blade Adapter Series

    Flexible EMMA multi-blade adapter series is designed for global use and comes standard with interchangeable blades.

    By CUI Inc 250