सियोल सेमीकन्डक्टर इंक


सियोल सेमीकन्डक्टर इंक

    Seoul Semiconductor's NANODRIVER range of phase-cut drivers are ideal for downlight, spot and track light, and wall sconce and flush mount fixtures.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 155

  • 3030 Top View LED

    3030 LED surface-mount LEDs are carefully constructed to perform with high reliability.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 177

  • 3030 Mid-Power LED

    With the ability to drive high currents up to 150 mA, 3030 LEDs are reliable and deliver a market leading lumen output over 100 lm.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 156

  • High-Power COB LED Arrays

    Seoul's COB LED arrays are capable of decreasing thermal resistance in a wide range of general lighting applications.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 153

  • The Next Generation of Mid-Power 5630 LEDs

    Seoul Semiconductor's 5630 LEDs are the best mid-power LED providing a light output performance with 180 lm/W efficacy.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 124

  • 3030 Linear LED Modules

    Seoul's 3030 linear LED module was developed specifically for troffer, panel, and backlighting products.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 206

  • Z5M1 High-Power LEDs

    Seoul Semiconductor's Z5M1 are high power LEDs in a 3535 SMT package that are optimized to provide maximum efficacy and luminous flux.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 168

  • 3030 Series LEDs

    Seoul Semiconductor's 3030 series provides better lighting performance in a range of applications that demand the most in output and efficacy.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 145

  • Y22 Series LEDs

    Seoul Semiconductor's WICOP series is designed for high flux output applications with high current operation capability.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 160

  • 5630 Series LEDs

    Seoul Semi's 5630 series LEDs achieve over 200 Lm/W and tight color consistency are designed for a variety of applications from LED tubes to high-end lighting.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 160

  • 3528 Series LEDs

    Seoul Semiconductor's 3528 series LED bulbs and tubes are used in commercial and industrial lighting applications.

    By Seoul Semiconductor Inc 191