• Motor Driver Evaluation Boards

    Marutsu now offers a variety of Toshiba motor controllers on evaluation boards which enable users to speed up their development cycle.

    By Marutsuelec 103

  • IFJM-001 Amplifier Module

    Marutsuelec’s IFJM-001 is an amplifier module that linearly drives a piezo actuator with high efficiency.

    By Marutsuelec 129

  • Brushless DC Motor Control Boards

    Marutsuelec’s user-friendly brushless DC motor control boards showcase Toshiba’s high performance brushless DC motor drivers / pre-drivers.

    By Marutsuelec 174

  • Stepping Motor Driver Evaluation Boards

    Marutsu's motor driver evaluation boards utilizing Toshiba stepping motor drivers enable users to speed up their development cycles in motor control designs.

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