• Precision Cutters and Pliers with Ergonomic Handle

    Ideal-tek’s precision cutters are available in three cutting blade edges semi-flush, flush, and full-flush.

    By Ideal-tek 94

  • High Precision Tweezers

    Ideal-tek precision tweezers are non-magnetic and corrosion resistant resulting in long tool life.

    By Ideal-tek 128

  • LCR Meter Smart Tweezers™

    Ideal-tek's LCR meter Smart Tweezers™ unique design combines a pair of gold-plated SMD tweezers with ergonomic shielded handles.

    By Ideal-tek 185

  • Mini Tweezer Line

    Ideal-tek's mini tweezers are made of superalloy and can be used where a fine tip is needed without the excess bulk of long tweezers.

    By Ideal-tek 117

  • Biology Tweezers

    The Ideal-tek high precision tweezer line has been expanded with the addition of their biology line to meet the most stringent applications.

    By Ideal-tek 141

  • MPT Probes

    Ideal-tek’s probes are ESD safe, wear resistant offer high tensile strength and flexibility with soft tips that do not scratch delicate surfaces.

    By Ideal-tek 143

  • Plastic Replaceable Tip Tweezers

    Ideal-tek's plastic replaceable tip tweezers have stainless-steel handles and feature durable self-aligning replacement tips.

    By Ideal-tek 121

  • PCSA PCB Holders

    Ideal-tek's PCSA PCB holders are ideal for fitting circuit boards with components and feature adjustable foam and splint height.

    By Ideal-tek 208

  • ESD Safe Sticky Swabs

    Ideal-tek's ESD safe Sticky Swabs safely remove miniature particulate from sensitive and hard to reach areas.

    By Ideal-tek 120