• mBot Educational Robotics Platform

    Makeblock's mBot educational robotics platform is an Arduino compatible entry-level robot kit to learn coding, robotics, and electronics.

    By Makeblock 83

  • Airblock Programmable Drone and Hovercraft

    Users of Makeblock's Airblock drone and hovercraft can control the drone via the Makeblock app and code the virtual buttons with block-based programming.

    By Makeblock 543

  • mBot Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Programmable Robotics Ki

    Makeblock’s mBot ultimate 2.0 can be built into 10 preset variations which let users have fun or solve a specific problem, giving a preview of robot design.

    By Makeblock 69

  • mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Programmable Robotics Kit

    Makeblock's mBot Ranger can be built into 3 preset variations: a tank (Land Raider), a racing car (Dashing Raptor), or a self-balancing robot (Nervous Bird).

    By Makeblock 75

  • Codey Rocky Coding Robot

    Makeblock’s Codey Rocky is a powerful entry-level coding robot that includes a variety of built-in programmable components.

    By Makeblock 307