वाल्सिन टेक्नोलोजी कर्पोरेशन


वाल्सिन टेक्नोलोजी कर्पोरेशन
  • Chip and External Dipole Antennas

    Walsin Technology offers chip, SMT, and external dipole antennas covering many popular frequency bands around the world made and tested to the highest quality.

    By Walsin Technology Corporation 243

  • WA04P Series Attenuators

    Walsin Technology Corporation introduces their WA04P series chip attenuators designed to satisfy most radio frequency applications for wireless devices.

    By Walsin Technology Corporation 330

  • Metal and PCB Antennas

    Walsin's metal and PCB antennas provide 2.4/5 GHz single and dual band antenna solutions for wireless applications such as Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee®.

    By Walsin Technology Corporation 182

  • RF Filters

    Walsin offers complete lineup of RF filters with assorted pin assignments, low insertion loss, high rejection/attenuation rate with thinner package.

    By Walsin Technology Corporation 192

  • RF Connectors and Cable Assemblies

    Walsin Technology's RF connectors and cable assemblies are designed for RF industry applications that include Wi-Fi, PCS, Radio, and computer networks.

    By Walsin Technology Corporation 168