डाटा भण्डारण


डाटा भण्डारण
  • FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM)

    Fujitsu's Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) is a high-speed non-volatile memory that runs like RAM allowing flexibility for programmers to assign ROM and RAM memory mapping depending on need.

    By Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc.
  • SST Serial and Parallel Flash Memory

    Microchip's SST serial Flash / parallel Flash offer high reliability and low power consumption along with cost savings during manufacturing due to fast erase times.

    By Microchip Technology
  • CFast Card

    Swissbit’s CFast cards are suitable for applications demanding performance speed, system downtime, and flexibility.

    By Swissbit
  • SSD Cards

    Solid State Drives are durable, making them an excellent drop-in replacement for hard disk drives in mobile and handheld applications.

    By Swissbit
  • Serial EEPROMs

    Microchip's vast serial EEPROM offering has a storage range from 128 bits to 1 Mbits and an operating voltage range of 1.7 V to 5.5 V.

    By Microchip Technology
  • QDR-II+ and DDR-II+ Xtreme SRAMs

    Cypress Semiconductor's Xtreme Synchronous, Pipelined Burst SRAMs.

    By Cypress Semiconductor Corp
  • S-220 Series Memory Card

    Swissbit's S-220 series memory card that is equipped with an internal intelligent controller, voltage detector, and a power-loss management feature.

    By Swissbit
  • S-300U Series Micro SD Memory Card

    Swissbit's S-300U high performance memory cards feature a highly integrated memory controller, wear-leveling, and error correction.

    By Swissbit
  • Industrial CompactFlash® Card C-440 Series

    Swissbit's industrial UDMA CompactFlash® cards have a small form factor, high reliability, and have high performance levels.

    By Swissbit
  • Industrial SD Memory Card S-200 Series

    Swissbit's industrial SD non-volatile memory card with a small form factor with the ability to capture, retain, and transport data, audio, and images.

    By Swissbit
  • SPI Serial SRAM and NVSRAM Devices

    The 8-pin serial SRAM and NVSRAM devices from Microchip use less power than traditional parallel SRAM and offer an inexpensive way to add external RAM.

    By Microchip Technology
  • X-200M and X-200S Series

    Swissbit's X-200M and X-200S series is a non-volatile memory drive with supply voltage ranging from 3.3 V to 5 V, used to provide high capacity data storage.

    By Swissbit
  • N25Q Series Serial NOR Flash

    The N25Q series of multi-I/O serial NOR Flash solutions is offered in both 1.8 V and 3 V power supplies and compatible with the M25P and M25PX families.

    By Micron Technology Inc
  • EPSILON5 MKIV Portable ISP Programmer

    A portable, high-speed, in-system programmer with standalone capability and USB connectivity.

    By Equinox Technologies
  • AT45DBxxx DataFlash

    Adesto Technologies' AT45DBxxx DataFlash devices offer users the ability to perform completely self-contained, read-modify-write operation with minimal system overhead.

    By Adesto Technologies
  • AT25DFxxx Block Erase Serial Flash

    Adesto's AT25DFxxx block erase serial Flash family features variable-sized page programming 1 to 256 bytes at a time.

    By Adesto Technologies
  • AT24MAC and AT24CS EEPROM Devices

    The Microchip AT24MAC and AT24CS devices can be used in applications that require unique node or network identities and serialization.

    By Microchip Technology
  • bq2026 Serial EPROM with SDQ Interface

    Texas Instruments bq2026 is a low-cost, small, space saving, surface-mount package option for applications such as security encoding and inventory tracking.

    By Texas Instruments
  • M500 Series Solid-State Drives

    The M500 series of SSDs with 20 nm MLC NAND Flash is available in three thin, lightweight form factors with capacities from 120–960 GB.

    By Micron Technology Inc
  • FL127S Serial Flash Modules

    Cypress' small form factor serial Flash modules can help save overall system costs and ease the design process of serial Flash.

    By Cypress Semiconductor Corp