• E Series Power MOSFETs

    Vishay series of 600 V and 650 V n-channel power MOSFETs have ultra-low maximum on-resistance and a wide range of current ratings.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 247

  • PowerPAIR®

    Vishay's PowerPAIR series are dual asymmetric MOSFETs that help to simplify design and decrease conduction losses.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 277

  • SiA436DJ 8 V N-Channel TrenchFET Power MOSFET

    Vishay's MOSFETs have low on-resistance and costs and are designed to save valuable PCB space for small, portable electronics.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 200

  • 100 V TrenchFET® Power MOSFETs

    Vishay's MOSFETs save PCB space in these applications, while their low on-resistance translates into lower conduction losses for reduced power consumption and higher efficiency.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 152

  • N-Channel 8 V (D-S) MOSFETs

    Vishay's TrenchFET® MOSFETs have an industry low on-resistance of 20 mΩ at 4.5 V, used in applications where low on-resistance is more critical than space.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 215

  • ThunderFETs

    Vishay's ThunderFETs have excellent efficiency in high density power supplies and are also compatible with all common MOSFET control circuits.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 164

  • SiP32452, SiP32453 Load Switch

    Vishay's load switches have a low input logic control threshold and a fast turn on time.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 142

  • Si7655DN -20 V P-Channel MOSFET

    Vishay's MOSFET enables lower RDS(ON) while providing a slimmer profile and matching PCB pattern.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 170

  • TrenchFET® Gen IV MOSFETs

    Vishay's MOSFETs offer low on-resistance which reduces power consumption and increases efficiency.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 130

  • Thin-Lead TO-220 FULLPAK

    Vishay's FULLPAK MOSFET's is reduced in size, allowing full insertion into soldering holes, reducing PCB board height.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 194

  • SiP12116 3 A Synchronous Buck Regulator

    Vishay's SiP12116 is a high-frequency CM-COT synchronous buck regulator with integrated high- and low-side power MOSFETs.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 136

  • Smart Load Switches

    Vishay's smart load switch features a simplified GPIO control can be used to implement power distribution and sequencing of multiple-sub-systems.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 134

  • Si8410DB Chipscale N-Channel MOSFET

    Vishay Siliconix's Si8410DB offers an extremely low on-resistance per area of 30 mΩ mm square.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 169

  • 600 V EF Series MOSFETs

    Vishay Siliconix 600 V EF series of fast body diode MOSFETs can be used in ZVS/soft-switching topologies such as phase-shifted bridges and  LLC converter half bridges.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 122

  • SIP32101DB Bi-Directional Battery Switch

    Vishay Siliconix's SiP32101, SiP32102, and SiP32103 bidirectional switches feature reverse blocking capability to isolate the battery from the system.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 123

  • Si8824EDB N-Ch Chipscale MOSFET

    Vishay Siliconix introduces Si8824EDB chipscale N-Channel MOSFET MICROFOOT® 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm package.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 151

  • SiHH26N60E, SiHH21N60E, SiHH14N60E, and SiHH11N60E

    Vishay's 600 V E series MOSFETs construction of the PowerPAK 8 mm x 8 mm package allows one of the source pins to be arranged as a dedicated Kelvin source connection.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 80

  • Medium Voltage MOSFETs for Industrial Applications

    Vishay's rugged portfolio elevates the performance of power regulation designs in a broad range of markets and provides backbones to various mission-critical designs.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 80

  • SIC53/SIC63 VRPOWER® Integrated Power Stage

    Vishay introduces five VRPower integrated DrMOS power stage solutions for multiphase POL regulator applications.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 56

  • DG2501/DG2502/DG2503 Monolithic Quad SPST Analog S

    Vishay’s DG250x are 200 Ω precision monolithic quad single-pole single-throw (SPST) analog switches in the ultra-compact WCSP 4 bump by 4 bump array package.

    By Vishay/Siliconix 137