सामान्य उद्देश्य


सामान्य उद्देश्य
  • Ultra-Low CR2016 Coin Cell Holder

    Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) has just introduced the BLP2016SM-GTR, an ultra-low profile CR2016 coin cell holder with top-loading battery entry.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 160

  • Patent Pending Two-Part Mix™ Solder Paste

    Chip Quik offers a Patent Pending Two-Part Mix™ solder paste. This unique solder paste has a 24 month shelf life either refrigerated or unrefrigerated before mixing.

    By Chip Quik Inc 202

  • Economic Housing (EH) System

    Phoenix Contact's two-piece EH system is easy to use and perfect for building automation and semi-industrial applications.

    By Phoenix Contact 163

  • Covered 8-AA Battery Pack

    MPD's BK-030 is made of a Polypropylene housing with spring steel, nickel plated contacts.  The output of 12 V for the 8 batteries can be used with many consumer products.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 120

  • Dusters

    Chemtronics' compact dusters are oil- and moisture-free sources of "canned air" developed for applications where safe, ultra-pure cleaning is required.

    By Chemtronics 107

  • Raychem S1260 High-Temperature Hot Melt Tape Adhes

    TE Connectivity's S1260 tape uses an environmentally resistant modified fluoropolymer to provide sealing in high-temperature systems.

    By TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense and Marine 99

  • Label and Adhesive Remover

    The MG Chemicals Label and Adhesive Remover is formulated to effectively remove adhesive, sticker, and ink residues. It's formulated for improved performance on ink removal.

    By MG Chemicals 189

  • Adapters, Breadboards, and Accessories

    Chip Quik offers a full line of breakout adapters for connectors and ICs, pitch changers, and solder-in breadboards under the Proto-Advantage brand name.

    By Chip Quik Inc 182

  • PTS Series Fiberglass Boxes

    Bud Industries' PTS series joins the PIP and PTQ series of NEMA IP67 rated boxes made of high impact resistance, gray, polycarbonate (PC) resins combined with 10% glass fibers, offering extrem

    By Bud Industries 200

  • ATX Series Enclosures

    Bud Industries introduces their high-quality, ATEX-certified, explosion-proof enclosures.

    By Bud Industries 204

  • EXN Series PCB Enclosures

    Bud Industries high quality extrusions offer a great combination of beauty and functionality, IP66 rating and a wide selection of sizes and colors.

    By Bud Industries 195

  • GC 3W Solder Paste

    Henkel Loctitie introduces their GC 3W solder paste that provides exceptional results in aqueous cleaning systems without the addition of saponifiers or co-solvents.

    By Loctite 122

  • 1551USB Miniature Plastic USB Enclosures

    Hammond's 1551USB miniature plastic USB enclosures are ideally suited for dongles and/or mounting small printed circuit boards with USB connectors.

    By Hammond Manufacturing 266

  • Menda Impact-Resistant Amber Bottles

    Menda/EasyBraid introduces their Menda impact resistant amber bottles for improved handling, filling, and transporting of liquids and chemicals.

    By Menda/EasyBraid 124

  • 8462 Silicone Grease

    MG Chemicals' 8462 silicone grease is a water repelling, non-melting, and lubricating dielectric grease that provides superior corrosion and arcing resistance for connectors.

    By MG Chemicals 238

  • Surfboards® 33000 Series

    Capital Advanced Technologies 33000 series of surface-mount to SIP adapters includes a range of models for lower pin count I.C. packages and many popular discrete semiconductors.

    By Capital Advanced Technologies 128

  • OED and OEJ Series Knobs

    Kilo International has always offered top-of-the-line, quality knobs with precision machined surfaces, short lead times, and beautiful anodized-aluminum finishes.

    By Kilo International 147

  • BQ2032 Enclosed Battery Holder

    Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) introduces its battery holders for CR2032 cells (part numbers BQ2032-3 and BQ2032-6).

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 111

  • Polycarbonate Enclosures

    Rose introduces their Polycarbonate IP66 rated enclosures that offer excellent security and protection for your electronic components and are offered in a wide range of sizes to support a broad ar

    By Rose Enclosures 107

  • Dual AA Battery Holder

    Memory Protection Devices BK-6100-PC4 battery holder for two AA batteries. With four large stainless steel contacts firmly applying pressure to the AA batteries.

    By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 142