Crouzet नियन्त्रणहरू


Crouzet नियन्त्रणहरू
  • Touch HMI for em4 and Millennium 3 Processors

    Crouzet offers the HMI Touch panel in a variety of sizes for its em4 and Millennium 3 PLCs. The CTP104-E (4.3 inch), CTP107-E (7 inch), and CTP110-E (9.7 inch) are high resolution, LED backlit, T

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  • Timer Series

    Crouzet offers timers in four mounting variations, including DIN-rail mounted, panel mounted, plug-in, and bare board for surface mounting.

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  • TMR48D Series Digital Timers

    Crouzet's TMR48D series Syr-line digital timers have a 13.2 mm large LED or LCD screen and the IP66 capability makes them water and dust proof.

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  • Millenium EVO Logic Controller

    Crouzet’s Millenium EVO is the logic controller for any small-scale automation project.

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  • Syr-line Plug-In Timers

    Crouzet’s Syr-line plug-in timers save time and space and are fast and easy to configure while getting all the functions users need.

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  • PBX Secure Series of Sealed Switches

    Crouzet PBX series of sealed Switches feature double break contacts, extremely low operating temperature and fully sealed to IP65/67 water and dust ratings.

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  • Sealed Snap Switches

    Crouzet offers many varieties of IP-rated switches for high-dust and -water exposed applications, and are intended for harsh-environment applications.

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  • Unsealed Snap Switches

    Crouzet offers a wide variety of switching ratings (0.1 to 20 A) and a choice of many different actuators as standard, cUL approval.

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  • Monitoring Relays

    Crouzet measurement and monitoring relays are dedicated to monitoring and detecting abnormal electrical or physical operating values.

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  • Industrial DC Brush Motor

    Crouzet's industrial DC 12 V and 24 V brush motors offer low operating speeds and technical criteria on the market.

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  • Syr-line Analog Timers

    As part of Crouzet, Syrelec brand becomes Syr-line, creating specialized and reliable products for the most unique requirements.

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  • DCmind Brushless SMi21 DC Motors with CANopen

    Brushless DC motors incorporating CANopen technology allow users to network several motors, and they are now available from Crouzet.

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  • DCmind Brushless Geared Motors

    DC brushless motors from Crouzet are designed with an integrated control unit for motion control, position, speed, and torque.

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  • V5D Sub-Subminiature Microswitches

    Crouzet's V5D sub-subminiature microswitch is a coil spring snap-action mechanism with wiping contacts.

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  • V3DS Miniature Microswitches

    Crouzet’s V3DS coil spring snap-action mechanism with wiping contacts allows current ratings range from 1 mA at 4 VDC to 10 A at 250 VAC.

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