लिनक्स टेक्नोलोजी इंक


लिनक्स टेक्नोलोजी इंक
  • NT Series RF Transceiver Module

    The NT Series from Linx Technologies makes it simple to set up reliable one- or two-way wireless communication in the 902 to 928 MHz band.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 586

  • microSplatch™ Chip Antennas

    The Linx MicroSplatch is the first true alternative for those wishing to avoid the high cost, long lead times or limited frequency choices of chip antennas.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 288

  • DB1-LP Series Antenna

    Linx Technologies' DB1-LP series tri-band log periodic antenna is designed for long distance directional communication over a multitude of frequencies.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 201

  • HumPRO® Series FHSS Transceiver

    Linx Technologies' HumPRO® series FHSS transceiver is designed for the reliable transfer of digital data. The module is available in the 915 MHz frequency band.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 177

  • ID Series Industrial Dipole Antennas

    Linx Technologies offers its small size, ID series industrial dipole antennas featuring UV protection and weatherized assembly for outdoor installation.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 170

  • MON Series LTE Monopole Tilt and Swivel Antenna

    Linx Technologies' MON series LTE Monopole tilt & swivel antenna's high-end design offers higher efficiency at lower frequency bands on smaller ground planes.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 291

  • PW Series Single-Band Panel-Mount Low-Power Wide-A

    Linx Technologies' PW series single-band panel-mount antennas are ideal for LPWA networks and LTE cellular applications in plastic and metal enclosures.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 178

  • CW Series Single-Band Connectorized Low-Power Wide

    Linx Technologies' CW series single-band LPWA and LTE antennas are ideal for LTE cellular and ISM applications in plastic and metal enclosures.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 170

  • nanoSplatch™ nSP250 RF Antenna

    Linx Technologies' nanoSplatch nSP250 is a surface-mount antenna for embedded Wi-Fi/WLAN and other 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz ISM or U-NII frequency band applications.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 190

  • RF Coaxial Adapters

    Linx Technologies' RF coaxial adapters maintain controlled impedance without permanent changes being made to equipment connectors.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 226

  • RF Coaxial SMA Connectors

    Linx Technologies' RF coaxial SMA connectors offer various styles that are ideal for cellular IoT, LTE, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications.

    By Linx Technologies Inc 178