ब्रोडकम लिमिटेड


ब्रोडकम लिमिटेड
  • Qmini AFBR-S20M2xx Spectrometer

    Broadcom's Qmini delivers technical specifications that are unprecedented at this size which enables tight integration in limited space applications.

    By Broadcom Limited 115

  • Qwave AFBR-S20W1xx USB Spectrometer

    With its focal length of 75 mm, Broadcom's Qwave spectrometer offers technical specifications that would normally be found in much larger spectrometers.

    By Broadcom Limited 148

  • AEAT-9000-1GSH0 and AEAT-9000-1GSH1 Encoders

    The Broadcom Limited AEAT-9000 series are high resolution single turn optical absolute encoders

    By Broadcom Limited 112

  • AEDR-87xx Encoders

    Broadcom Limited's AEDR-87xx encoders provide great flexibility and versatility in resolution range, along with built in interpolation

    By Broadcom Limited 130

  • AEDT-981x Encoder Modules

    Broadcom's AEDT-981x uses integrated Hall sensor elements with complex analog and digital signal processing within a single device.

    By Broadcom Limited 408

  • AEDR-871x (Digital)/AEDR-872x (Analog) Encoder Dev

    Broadcom's AEDR-871x and AEDR-872x are 3-channel reflective optical encoder devices that house an LED light source and a photo-detecting circuitry in a compact package.

    By Broadcom Limited 91

  • NUV-HD Single Silicon Photomultiplier

    Broadcom's AFBR-S4N44C013 NUV-HD SiPM features a broad response in the visible light spectrum with high sensitivity towards the blue- and near-UV regions.

    By Broadcom Limited 103

  • APDS-9250 Digital RGB, IR, and Ambient Light Senso

    The Broadcom APDS-9250 is a low-voltage digital RGB, IR, and ambient light sensor device that converts light intensity to a digital output signal.

    By Broadcom Limited 123

  • APDS-9930 Digital Proximity and Ambient Light Sens

    Broadcom's APDS-9930 is a digital I²C-compatible interface ambient light sensor (ALS) and proximity sensor with IR LED in a single 8-pin package.

    By Broadcom Limited 110

  • APDS-9306-065 Digital Ambient Light Photosensor wi

    Broadcom's APDS-9306-065 is a low-voltage digital ambient light sensor that converts light intensity to digital signal output with I²C interface.

    By Broadcom Limited 128

  • APDS-9005 Miniature Surface Mount Ambient Light Ph

    Broadcom's APDS-9005 is a low-cost analog output ambient light photosensor in a miniature ChipLED lead-free surface mount package.

    By Broadcom Limited 137

  • APDS-9500 Imaging Gesture and Proximity Sensor

    Broadcom's APDS-9500 provides an imaging-based gesture recognition function with an I²C bus interface in a single 18-pin package.

    By Broadcom Limited 125

  • AFBR-S50MV85G 3D Multipixel ToF Sensor

    The AFBR-S50MV85G is Broadcom's multipixel distance and motion measurement sensor based on the optical time-of-flight principle.

    By Broadcom Limited 89

  • ACHS-7121/ACHS-7122/ACHS-7123/ACHS-7124/ACHS-7125

    Broadcom’s ACHS-7121/ACHS-7122/ACHS-7123/ACHS-7124/ACHS-7125 Hall effect-based linear current sensor IC with 3 kVRMS isolation and low-resistance current conductor.

    By Broadcom Limited 102

  • Precision Miniature Isolation Amplifiers

    The ACPL-C79 isolation amplifiers, designed for current and voltage sensing in electronic power converters, feature ±0.5% high gain accuracy.

    By Broadcom Limited 204

  • ACPL-061L-000E 10 MBd Optocoupler

    The ultra-low power 10 MBd ACPL-061L-000E optically coupled optocoupler combines an AlGaAs LED and an integrated high gain photo detector.

    By Broadcom Limited 175

  • ACPL-M21L 5 MBd Optocoupler

    The ACPL-M21L optically-coupled logic gate has CMOS output stage and optical receiver input stage with built-in Schmitt trigger.

    By Broadcom Limited 153

  • BCM5482S Dual-Port Transceiver

    A member of Broadcom’s third generation of gigabit Ethernet PHYs, the BCM5482S consists of two complete 10/100/1000BASE-T gigabit Ethernet transceivers.

    By Broadcom Limited 101

  • BCM53101 5 FE Transceiver, 7-Port Managed 10/100 R

    The feature-enhanced 7-port BCM53101 RoboSwitch™ from Broadcom combines all the functions of a high-speed switch system.

    By Broadcom Limited 81

  • ACPL-217, -227, and -247 Industrial Plastic Photot

    Broadcom's ACPL-217, 227 and 247 DC input half-pitch phototransistor optocouplers contain two light-emitting diodes connected inversely parallel and optically coupled to a phototransistor.

    By Broadcom Limited 76