TVS Diode Array 5 V 10 A Low Capacitance I/O Prote

By Littelfuse Inc 101

TVS Diode Array 5 V 10 A Low Capacitance I/O Prote

Littelfuse integrates rail-to-rail diodes with an additional Zener diode built in to help protect I/O pins from ESD and high surge events. Very low loading capacitance makes it ideal for protecting high-speed signals in Ethernet and Firewire type of applications. This robust device can safely absorb 10 A surge current per IEC 61000-4-5 (tP=8/20 μs) without performance degradation and a minimum ±30 kV ESD per IEC 61000-4-2. Their very low loading capacitance also makes them ideal for protecting high-speed signal pins.

  • ESD, IEC 61000-4-2, ±30 kV contact, ±30 kV air
  • EFT, IEC61000-4-4, 40 A (5/50 ns)
  • Lightning, 10 A (8/20 μs as defined in IEC 61000-4-5 2nd Edition)
  • Low capacitance: 1 pF (Typ.) per I/O
  • Low leakage current: 0.5 μA (max) at 5 V
  • Small SOT23-6 (JEDEC MO-178) packaging
  • Halogen-free, lead-free, and RoHS compliant
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL -1)
  • Monitors
  • Notebooks
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Firewire
  • Set-top boxes
  • Flat panel displays
  • Portable medical