Quick Interchange Crimp Tools

By Aven Tools 129

Quick Interchange Crimp Tools

Aven Tools' patented, high-precision crimpers feature a built-in ratchet that applies correct pressure to ensure a complete crimp every time. The safety release function allows a faulty crimp to be stopped before the crimping cycle is complete. Precisely milled, hardened steel dies have individual square crimping slots. No tools are required to replace or change out dies; simply slide the die in or out of the frame by hand. These unique crimpers and dies are available with or without a die set.

  • Ergonomic, comfortable handles are made from a special bicomponent material ensuring cushioned and non-slippery surface
  • Precise ratcheting mechanism will ensure the same amount of crimping force for all crimps
  • Patented design allows for quick die change without any tools
  • The tool has an adjustment for crimping force
  • Dies available for a variety of terminals