Professional Precision Tools

By Weidmuller 105

Professional Precision Tools

Weidmüller’s professional precision tools provide high process reliability, superior connection quality, and time-saving solutions. These hand tools with ergonomic design offer the perfect tool for every application. The cutting tools are designed to ensure a clean consistent cut without deformation of the conductor, the stripping tools are designed with specialized blades make easy work of even the most complicated insulation materials, and the crimping tools with their patented spring technology provide the ability to have the most efficient and comfortable work conditions. Users can prevent errors with these professional hand tools that ensure ease of handling and repeatability of the desired output. These specialized tools with their patented springs and their specialized blades make work easier and faster, saving users time and money.

Weidmüller and Digi-Key also stock a comprehensive range of wire end ferrules for immediate supply. These products embrace wire end ferrules with or without plastic collars and twin wire end ferrules in all the colors normally required by users.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comply with international standards and specifications
  • Ensure consistent processing quality even after many working cycles
  • Precise adjustment of tools to the corresponding insulation and the conductor cross-section
  • Always obtain consistent reliable results
  • Designed to fit with Weidmüller contacts
  • Full compliance with the DIN EN standard
  • Make assembly work easier, facilitates efficient work process, and helps increase productivity