NEVO+600 Series Configurable Power Supply

By Vox Power 126

NEVO+600 Series Configurable Power Supply

Vox Power's innovative NEVO+600 configurable power supply series is currently the smallest in its class. The small size makes it the ultimate power solution for demanding industrial and medical applications where size, power density, and weight are vital factors. The compact package (5" x 3" x 1.61") weighs only 600 grams but delivers up to 600 W, equating to a power density of 25 W per cubic inch.

The NEVO+600 input module can accommodate up to four isolated output modules that can be configured into a high power 5" x 3" single output power supply or a multiple output power supply with up to eight isolated outputs. Standard features include intelligent fan control, providing optimized airflow for various load and temperature conditions; wide output voltage adjust capability; parallel and series connection of modules; and an isolated SV 200 mA bias supply. A low-noise fan option is available for use in even the quietest of environments.

  • 600 W in 5" x 3" x 1.61", 25 W/in3
  • Wide output voltage adjust range
  • Remote current/voltage programming
  • Efficiency up to 89%
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Parallel and series connection of modules
  • Accurate current sharing
  • Up to eight isolated outputs
  • Standard 5 V, 200 mA bias supply
  • Low noise option
  • Series tracker and I²C options
  • Approved to latest standards


  • Installation Manual
  • User Manual
  • Remote Voltage and Current Control
  • Hi-pot Testing and Instructions
  • Current Share for Parallel Connected Series Outputs
  • Single Output Modules Common Pin Connection