Mini-Fit TPA2 Off-the-Shelf Single-Row Cable Assem

By Molex Inc 116

Mini-Fit TPA2 Off-the-Shelf Single-Row Cable Assem

Molex’s Mini-Fit TPA2 off-the-shelf single-row cable assemblies can carry 9.0 A of power and provide an ideal current rating for many signal and power applications. They reduce terminal back-out.

The Mini-Fit TPA2 cable assemblies are compatible with standard Mini-Fit Jr. headers, and they are designed to support development and production programs.

The Mini-Fit cable assemblies feature multi-color cables to ensure correct cable connections, UL 1061 discrete wires for micro cable assemblies, and UL 1007 discrete wires for other assemblies. These assemblies are ready to use in electronic appliance applications and provide ease of design, prototyping, and production.

  • Electrical
    • Voltage (max.): 600 VAC/VDC
    • Current (max.): 9.0 A
    • Contact resistance: 10 mΩ change from initial
    • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 2,200 VAC
    • Insulation resistance: 1,000 MΩ
  • Mechanical
    • Contact insertion force: 15 N
    • Contact retention to housing: 30 N
    • Mating force: 14.7 N
    • Unmating force: 1.0 N
    • Durability (min.): 100 cycles (tin); 250 cycles (gold)
  • Consumer
    • Fitness equipment
    • Home entertainment systems
    • Home appliances
    • Home offices
    • Home security systems
    • Portable electronic devices
    • Gaming consoles
    • Mobile devices
  • Medical
    • Patient monitors
  • Commercial vehicle industrial
    • Process controls
    • Industrial motors
  • Aerospace and defense
    • Unmanned vehicles
    • Drones
    • Commercial aircraft cabins
  • Telecommunications
    • Receivers
    • Satellite dishes


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