M300 Series Connectors

By Harwin Inc 490

M300 Series Connectors

Harwin's M300 series is a 3.00 mm pitch high-reliability, high-performance connector range suited for aerospace, defense, industrial, and other harsh-environment applications. The connectors provide a choice of three, six, and ten contact board-to-board, cable-to-board, and cable-to-cable options for applications requiring up to 10 A in a confined space.

Featuring a rear wall to assist the back-potting for additional strain relief, the housings are designed with ‘scoop-proof’ mating requirements for added handling assistance. The housings come with jackscrew fixtures to assist with vibration and shock performance and are future-proofed with halogen-free, RoHS-compliant materials.

  • Up to 10 A per signal contact (all electrically loaded, 5 A if 22 AWG wire is used) at 3 mm pitch:
    • Capable of a variety of power uses within a compact design, saving PCB real estate
  • Proven four-finger contact design:
    • Maintains electrical continuity through high vibration and shock environments
  • Beryllium copper contact with a temperature range of -65°C to +175°C:
    • Rugged and durable connector design with a proven track record
  • 1,000 mating-cycle durability:
    • Suitable for fit-and-forget and multiple testing and replacement cycles
  • Future-proofed material usage:
    • Halogen-free, PFOS-free, SVHC-free, and RoHS-compliant
  • Low outgassing properties:
    • Meets NASA outgassing requirements for vacuum and space usage
  • Full cable assembly options off-the-shelf:
    • Reduced delivery, fully tested assemblies with hassle-free installation
  • Aerospace, defense, and security: radars, avionics controls, guidance systems, UAVs, engine power management, and vehicle electronics
  • Motorsport and transport: navigation, ERS controls, GPS, and telemetry systems
  • Space: satellites and CubeSats, communications, launch systems, and radar and communications
  • Industrial: robotics, automation, drives, and controls
  • Energy: oil and gas, renewable energy equipment


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