By Kingbright Company LLC 234


Kingbright's HELI-R SMD LEDs are available in top-emitting, 1206 and PLCC-2 industry-standard, reverse mount packages. They feature high luminosity output while maintaining energy-efficient requirements all engineered with reverse mount technology. Reverse mount configuration provides advantages in designs with space and height constraints and facilitates streamlining production using automatic placement equipment.

In compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations, HELI-R LED series is available in the full-color spectrum and contains single, bi-color and full-color options with superior performances while operating at low current (20 mA typical). They are an exceptional series for backlighting, home automation, icon illumination, medical equipment, consumer devices, and battery-operated applications.

This series offers PLCC-2 packages equipped with Z-bend leads available in all standard colors including bi-color and full-color combinations. In addition, standard 1206 packages are presented with flat top, dome, and inner dome lens options to provide various intensities and emission angles ranging from 30° to 140° viewing angle. To complete this series, a matching infrared emitter/detector pair is also available in the reverse mount 1206 SMD package option.