Eurostyle Terminal Blocks (Now Available in a Stan

By Molex Inc 155

Eurostyle Terminal Blocks (Now Available in a Stan

Molex's Eurostyle terminal blocks are designed to meet the requirements demanded by high-power industrial applications. Available with 1 AWG to 30 AWG, 2 to 80 circuits, and pitches ranging from 3.50 mm to 15.00 mm, Molex has the most complete line up of high-density, fixed-mount, and pluggable terminal blocks. Mating options include horizontal, vertical, right-angle, and 45°, with a variety of features including rising cage pressure clamp, combination slotted/posi-drive screws, extended-wire entry funnel, retention screws, and mounting flanges.

Features and Benefits
  • Rising cage pressure clamp termination
    • Compresses wire evenly providing a secure contact without wire damage or intermittence
  • Staggered and vertically offset wiring terminals
    • Easier wiring access
  • Mounting flanges with large gussets
    • Accommodates panel mounting and prevents bowing or flexure
  • Optional mounting ends
    • Ensure a secure mate between plug and header, especially valuable in vibration applications
  • Large and robust wiring terminal interface (available on select series)
    • Increases packaging densities
  • Combination slotted/posi-drive screw heads
    • Improves transmission of torque for greater wire retention
  • Rear barrier
    • Prevents over-insertion of wire
  • Accepts ring and spade wiring terminals and works with standard and #2 Philips screwdriver
    • No special tools required
  • Two styles imprinting options
    • Aid in identifying circuits for easy testing and repair in the field
  • Push-button operation designed for push-in terminations of solid or stranded wire
    • Simplifies wire termination and removal from contacts. Allows easy and cost-effective servicing of the PCB or wire-termination corrections
  • Industrial
    • AC drives
    • Audible/visual warning systems
    • Cellular base stations
    • Controller board
    • Digital process meters
    • Load control systems
    • Motor controls
    • Power controllers
    • Power converters
    • Power interface modules
    • Power monitoring devices
  • Consumer
    • Appliances
    • Fire alarms/smoke detectors
    • HVAC
  • Industrial Automation
    • Gas and oxygen analyzers
  • Networking
    • Power supplies
  • Sustainable Energy
    • Solar power


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