Emergency Pull-Wire Switches

By Steute 229

Emergency Pull-Wire Switches

steute Wireless offers a very diverse range of industrial-grade switchgear for working in the industrial automation space. Emergency pull-wire switches are crucial for the man/machine interface in industrial applications. They are applied on transport and conveyor systems. After manual actuation, work and functional processes are initiated or switched off.

The emergency-stop command can be initiated from any point along the pull-wire. These switches have a positive linkage between the NC contacts and the pull-wire. The emergency pull-wire switches are brought into the operational condition by pre-tensioning the pull-wire. For instance, the NC contacts are closed and the NO contacts are open. All devices are equipped with wire-breakage detection.

  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Two contacts
  • Mounting details to EN 50041
  • Compact design
  • Wire length up to 10 m
  • Release by pushbutton
  • Available without unlocking mechanism (per EN 60947-5-1)
  • Wire pull and breakage detection

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