DWM1004-ES Evaluation Kit Optimized for TDoA RTLS

By Decawave Limited 94

DWM1004-ES Evaluation Kit Optimized for TDoA RTLS

Decawave's DWM1004C module primarily targets TDoA tag applications requiring years of battery life and a compact design at an affordable price. Based on the DW1000 chipset, the DWM1004C offers high accuracy real-time location capability with 6.8 Mbps data rate. FCC and ETSI certified, DWM1004C is an ideal TDoA tag solution ready for production. The DWM1004 module is based on Decawave's DW1000 ultra-wideband (UWB) transceiver IC, which is an IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB implementation. It integrates a UWB antenna, all RF circuitry, a STM32L041G6U6S Cortex™-M0+, and an LIS3DH motion sensor.

The DWM1004 mounted on the DWM1001-DEV provides embedded software developers an easy way to start working on their TDoA tag software task. The DWM1001-DEV supports a J-Link OB.

  • Certified to ETSI, FCC, and ISED (Sept. 2019)
  • Powered by STM32L M0+ - 32K Flash
  • AES encryption
  • 6.8 Mbps data rate
  • Small form factor – 30 mm x 15 mm
  • CH 2 (3.5 GHz) and CH 5 (6.5 GHz)
  • 5 years of battery life at 0.1 Hz average update rate using a CR2450 thanks to:
    • On-board motion sensor for power management and adaptive blink rate
    • <2 µA sleep current
  • Factory 4.0
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Hospitals
  • Asset tracking applications: pallets, tools, boxes
  • Cattle tracking
Kit Contents
  • 1x DWM1004 module
  • 1x DWM1004 module mounted on a DWM1001-DEV via a translation board


  • DWM1004C Datasheet
  • DWM1004C Product Brief
  • DWM1004-ES Kit Quick Start Guide


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