Digi 6-Port Multi Programmers for Xbee® Devic

By Digi International 115

Digi 6-Port Multi Programmers for Xbee® Devic

Digi International's XBee Multi Programmer is a combination of hardware and software that enables users to program multiple Digi radio frequency (RF) devices simultaneously. It provides a fast and easy way to prepare devices for distribution or large network deployment. It is an enclosed hardware component that allows users to program up to six RF devices at a time thanks to its six external XBee sockets. When used in conjunction with the multi Programmer application, the host machine will communicate with the boards and allows users to easily set up and execute programming sessions. If programming more than six devices at a time, multiple Multi Programmers can be run simultaneously to speed up the process.

To accommodate multiple Digi XBee form-factors, the device contains an interchangeable header board. The header board variants accommodate through-hole, surface-mount, and micro-mount Digi XBee form factors. The header boards can be purchased separately and can be interchanged depending on the form-factor of the module that is being programmed. Alternately, to expedite the programming of multiple devices in more than one form factor, users can purchase Digi XBee Multi Programmer devices in each of the form factors needed, and, therefore, avoid the need to swap out the header boards.

  • Programs up to six Digi XBee modules simultaneously
  • Multiple Digi XBee Multi Programmers can be connected to the PC to increase the number of modules programmed at one time
  • All Digi XBee form factors are supported with interchangeable header boards
  • Operators can export programming session logs or save them in a database
  • Automatic application updates keep the software up-to-date with the latest software version


  • Batch programming for large deployments