CLOUD-ST25TA02KB Evaluation Board

By STMicroelectronics 138

CLOUD-ST25TA02KB Evaluation Board

STMicroelectronics' CLOUD-ST25TA02KB is a ready-to-use demonstration board designed to evaluate the ST25TA02KB-P dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with a digital general-purpose output (GPO), embedding a 2 Kb EEPROM that supports NDEF tag applications for NFC forum Type 4.

The device communicates using the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol and is fully powered by the RF field. When the GPO output is used, an external reference voltage is required to set the high-level voltage of the GPO signal to be directly compatible with the I/O voltage of the MCU or the host without the need for any level shifter. The GPO signal is active high when asserted and can be used as a rising edge interrupt. The CLOUD-ST25TA02KB may be configured through the RF interface for various uses such as indicating field detection (by default) to wake-up a microcontroller (MCU), a host like a Bluetooth®, or a Wi-Fi chipset.

  • ST25TA02KB-P NFC/RFID tag in a UFDFPN5 ECOPACK®2 package
  • 19 mm2 single layer inductive antenna, etched on the PCB
  • Contactless interface:
    • TruST25™ digital signature
    • NFC forum Type 4 tag
    • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
    • Data rate: 106 kbps
    • Internal 50 pF tuning capacitance, enabling design of small inductive antennas
  • Memory:
    • 256 B (2 Kb) EEPROM with NDEF data support
    • Data retention: 200 years
    • Erase-write cycles endurance: 1M
    • Password data protection: 128-bit
    • 20-bit event counter for read or write access with anti-tearing feature
  • Digital pad:
    • Configurable GPO (for example: indicating RF field detection)

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