BKZ Series Locking Power Jacks

By Switchcraft, Inc. 302

BKZ Series Locking Power Jacks

The BKZ series from Switchcraft solves the common problem of accidental disconnection of a power supply by adding a sturdy twist-lock to their most popular form factor. The intuitive design simply requires the user to twist the plug once when plugging it in, which in turn prevents it from being removed until it is twisted in the opposite direction. Like other Switchcraft jacks and plugs, the BKZ series is made in the USA to the highest quality standard.

  • Easy operation with tactile feel
  • Three mounting styles available: right-angle PC, right-angle surface mount, and right-angle hybrid mount
  • Two pin diameters available: 2 mm and 2.5 mm
  • Rated for a minimum of 5,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles
  • Current capacity: 5 A (carry)
  • Medical devices
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Communication devices
  • Industrial/automation equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Data acquisition
  • Lighting