BAS16/21 Diodes and BC807/817 Transistors

By Nexperia 212

BAS16/21 Diodes and BC807/817 Transistors

Nexperia’s SOT23-packaged family of high-performance, general-purpose transistors and switching diodes offers some key parts that are fully-specified for operation up to 175°C. Included in the range are high-speed switching diodes BAS16/21 and BC807/817 general purpose transistors.

The 175°C SOT23 devices also feature a 25% higher Ptot (total power dissipation) than basic 150°C rated parts. This enables customers to realize a high-temperature design for under-the-hood applications including gear boxes and motor drives, as well as LED lighting and other industrial uses. The parts are also qualified according to AEC-Q101 for high automotive reliability.

With these releases, Nexperia is further completing its portfolio of 175°C diodes and transistors which covers all performance classes up to 15 A. The family of 175°C products are available in packages ranging from leadless DFN to leaded SMD and clipbond FlatPower (CFP) and LFPAK packages.