7.0" In-Plane Switching (IPS) Display

By Newhaven Display Intl 189

7.0" In-Plane Switching (IPS) Display

Newhaven Display's 7.0” IPS TFT display is offered with capacitive touch or no touch, and HDMI and LVDS interface options. Four displays that feature IPS technology have been added to Newhaven Display's TFT product line to address and improve the shortcomings of the typical twisted nematic (TN) LCD panels.

With IPS technology, electrodes are arranged to enable the liquid crystals that are inside the display to rotate in parallel with the screen rather than twisting and standing upright when TN technology is used. This behavior of the crystals provides a multitude of image quality benefits to the IPS displays such as truer color reproduction, excellent viewing angles, and better contrast.

  • Standard 7.0" IPS:
    • Resolution: 1024 px x 600 px RGB
    • IPS type, full viewing angles
    • LED backlight
    • LVDS interface: four LVDS channels
    • Colors: 16.7M
    • Capacitive touch panel available
  • HDMI 7.0" IPS:
    • 7.0" HDMI TFT module with USB-HID capacitive option
    • Onboard Texas Instruments TFP401A HDMI/DVI receiver
    • HDMI (Type-A) input
    • Compatible with PCs (Windows/Linux)
    • Compatible with Linux-based SBCs such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, and more
    • Plug-and-play USB-HID touch, no external driver installation required
    • 24-bit true-color, 1024 px x 600 px resolution (SWVGA)
    • Onboard Texas Instruments TPS61165 high-brightness LED driver with PWM
    • IPS panel, better color reproduction, and full viewing angles
    • 4 mm x 3.5 mm mounting holes enable standard M3 or #6 - #32 screws
    • Open-source hardware, engineered in Elgin, IL (USA)
  • Telecom/comm
  • Medical
  • Test and measurement
  • Audio/video
  • Industrial