W Series Fuse Terminal Blocks

By Weidmuller 188

W Series Fuse Terminal Blocks

Weidmuller's Klippon® Connect WFS 4 fuse terminals unique screw connection technology guarantees optimal passive current protection in combination with disconnect terminals. All terminal blocks from the universal range ensure a high degree of flexibility. Their compact dimensions allow flexible installation even in confined spaces. In industrial control systems, incoming signals from field devices are often connected with terminal blocks located in marshaling cabinets. Terminal blocks are used in place of or along with other termination technologies such as remote I/O modules and Fieldbus. Terminal blocks provide a robust, simple and clean way to connect and arrange signal wires. Current protection and circuit disconnect are critical functions that must be guaranteed in the landing terminal array of a control marshaling cabinet. To rationalize wiring, individual connection solutions should combine these functions within a single system.


  • Overcurrent protection and disconnect in a single terminal block system
  • Profile identical to adjacent disconnect and feed-through terminals of W series, thus allowing easy potential distribution even in presence of pole skipping jumpering schemes
  • Simple handling by easy removal of the fuse
  • LLC for blown fuse indication circuit


  • Integrated test point in the fuse lever, for time effective testing
  • Interchangeability of disconnect knife/fuse holder lever thus enabling fast DCS marshaling wiring configuration change
  • One-piece and time effective multi-pole jumpering possibility; simultaneous connection of up to 16 commons (e.g., negative for analog signals, positive for digital output from DCS)
  • Three marking possibilities (sides of the terminal + under the fuse-holder lever once the terminal is converted from fuse-holder to blade disconnect)
  • Possibility of inserting a fuse holder plug (SIHA) or component holder plug (BEST) to assist "loop checks" operations prior to DCS marshaling cabinet commissioning
  • Current and voltage transformer wiring
  • DCS marshaling
  • Signal wiring
  • Power feed-in
  • Control voltage distribution
  • Building installation wiring
  • Shielding and earthing
  • Power distribution


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