LV-A(T) Logic Solutions

By Nexperia 201

LV-A(T) Logic Solutions

Nexperia's LV-A(T) solutions offer low leakage for modular standby applications when powered down. The LV-A(T) portfolio consists of LV-A and LV-AT families and is comprised of more than 15 standard logic types, all with partial power-down support. The LV-A(T) family offers a typical 4.5 ns progagation delay, 20 µA standby current, and operates with low noise (VOL(p) < 0.8 V). All LV-A(T) products are available in industry-standard 14-pin or 20-pin leaded TSSOP packages, specified from -40°C to +125°C. These products are suitable for computing, printer, and smart TV applications.

Nexperia's LV-A types feature CMOS input levels while LV-AT types include low-input thresholds for TTL interfacing, enabling voltage translation. LV-A comprises standard logic 2-input gates as well as buffers, inverters, and transceivers with overvoltage tolerant Schmitt-trigger action inputs designed for CMOS interfaces. LV-AT comprises standard logic inverters, buffers, and transceivers with low-input threshold overvoltage tolerant Schmitt-trigger action inputs designed for TTL interfaces. LV-AT includes types with additional features such as open-drain outputs.

  • Wide supply voltage range: 2.0 V to 5.5 V for LV-A and 4.5 V to 5.5 V for LV-AT
  • Partial power-down support (IOFF circuitry)
  • Low-noise operation: VOL(p) < 0.8 V
  • Full range of gates, buffers, inverters, and transceivers
  • Overvoltage-tolerant inputs
  • CMOS- or TTL-input variants and Schmitt-trigger options
  • Standard TSSOP14 and TSSOP20 packages
  • Medium- and low-speed applications
  • Standby and power-down applications
  • Computing peripherals, including printers
  • Home entertainment, including TV and STB