By Microsemi SoC 145


Microsemi's IGLOO2 FPGAs, targeted at the cost-optimized FPGA market, integrate fourth generation Flash-based FPGA fabric and high-performance communications interfaces on a single chip. The IGLOO2 FPGAs offer a cost-optimized FPGA with excellent feature integration paired with low power, high reliability, and advanced security measures.

Microsemi's IGLOO2 FPGAs continue the company's focus on addressing the needs of today's cost-optimized FPGA markets by providing a LUT based fabric, 5G transceivers, high-speed GPIO, block RAM, and DSP blocks in a differentiated, cost and power optimized architecture. This next generation IGLOO2 architecture offers up to 5X more logic density and 3X more fabric performance than its predecessors and combines a non-volatile Flash-based fabric with the highest number of general purpose I/O, 5G SERDES interfaces and PCI Express® end-points when compared to other products in its class.

  • Lowest power
    • Reduce total power by ~20% to 40%
    • 70 mW per 5G SERDES (PCIe® Gen2)
  • Proven security
    • Protection from overbuilding and cloning
    • Secure boot for FPGA and processor
  • Exceptional reliability
    • SEU immune Zero FIT Flash FPGA configuration
    • Reliability safety-critical and mission-critical systems
  • PCIe Gen2 support in 10K LE
  • High-performance memory subsystem
  • Highest I/O density